Is Degtyaryov used in PUBG as DP?

The Soviet Union invented the Degtyaryov machine gun, a light machine gun renowned for its dependability and simplicity. Since its debut in 1927, it has been in widespread use and has been produced in a variety of models and calibers. Its unique pan magazine, positioned at the top, sets it apart from other designs.
Typically, the Degtyaryov machine gun has a tilting bolt system and a gas-operated action. It can take up to 47 rounds of 7.62x54mmR ammunition in its top-mounted pan magazine.
With a cyclic rate of fire ranging from 550 to 600 rounds per minute, the Degtyaryov machine gun provides steady and efficient firepower. Because of its user-friendliness and dependability-focused design, it is appropriate for infantry support duties. The weapon’s sturdy design and steady platform contribute to its effective range of about 800 metres.
The top-mounted pan magazine, sturdy build, and straightforward design define the Degtyaryov machine gun. It functions dependably under a variety of circumstances, and some models come equipped with improvements like a pistol grip for better handling and a bipod for stability. It is a mainstay of infantry forces due to its adaptability and firepower.
Standard safety features on the Degtyaryov machine gun include a bolt catch to prevent accidental discharge and a manual safety lever. Operators are taught to handle weapons safely, which includes cleaning the chamber before maintenance, locking the safety while not in use, and maintaining the weapon pointed in a safe direction.
There are three variants of the Degtyaryov machine gun:
  1. DP (Degtyaryov Pekhotny): 1927 saw the introduction of the first model.
  2. DPM (Degtyaryov Pekhotny Modernizirovanniy): It is an enhanced version that has undergone several changes.
  3. The belt-fed RP-46 (Ruchnoy Pulemyot 1946): It was created after World War II and had a higher firing rate.
  • Esteemed for its sturdy build and steady performance.
  • Suitable for large production, it is simple to use and maintain.
  • Adaptable to many duties supporting infantry.
  • Offers a stable foundation for continuous fire.
  • Compared to some modern designs, it is somewhat hefty.
  • Compared to belt-fed options, a pan magazine can carry fewer rounds.
  • In some situations, an effective range of about 800 metres may not be enough.
It is priced around Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh.

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