Is Dillon Aero 503D going to be used in KGF 3?

Being a machine gun with a high rate of fire and precision, the Dillon Aero 503D is a dependable and adaptable weapon. It is compatible with helicopters, cars, and naval vessels. It is chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. Applications in the military and law enforcement are drawn to it because of its robustness and small size.
A gas-operated revolving bolt system with a configurable cyclic rate of fire up to 1,200 rounds per minute is featured in the Dillon Aero 503D. With its dual-feed system, belt or magazine feeding is possible. Its quick-change barrel mechanism and lightweight aluminium structure improve mobility and ease of maintenance in a variety of operating situations.
With an effective range of 1,800 metres and a continuous rate of fire of 600 RPM (rounds per minute), the Dillon Aero 503D offers outstanding performance. Its exceptional accuracy and low recoil are guaranteed by its precise engineering, even during continuous fire. Because of its dependability and adaptability, the weapon is perfect for a variety of combat situations.
Among the many features of the Dillon Aero 503D are its quick-change barrel system, which allows for simple maintenance; its dual-feed capabilities, which allow for magazine or belt loading; and its customisable cyclic rate of fire, which can fire up to 1,200 RPM. Its compact size and lightweight aluminium construction improve mobility and versatility in a range of working environments.
Several safety features are built into the Dillon Aero 503D to guarantee safe use. These consist of a bolt latch that keeps the bolt locked to the rear when necessary for maintenance or transportation, a firing pin block that prevents discharge while the battery is not in use, and a manual safety selector that prevents accidental firing.
  • Accuracy and fire rate are high.
  • There are a variety of mounting choices.
  • lightweight and compact design.
  • Dependable performance in a range of settings.
  • A modifiable fire cycle rate.
  • Limited selection of options.
  • Needs to have frequent upkeep.
  • There is a risk of overheating when under continuous fire.
  • High ammo usage.
It is priced between Rs. 66 lakh and Rs. 83 lakh.

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