Can a RPG-7 Rocket Launcher blow your house?

The RPG-7 is a Soviet-made rocket launcher from the early Cold War era. It was created as a more competent RPG-2 replacement in the 1950s. An iconic Soviet weapon that has been used extensively in almost every armed conflict since the 1960s is the RPG-7. Around the globe, the RPG-7 is the most commonly used reusable rocket launcher. Even by today's standards, it is still a capable weapon because of the development of more powerful warheads.
The RPG-2 has been greatly enhanced by the RPG-7. It is composed of a 40-mm-diameter reusable launch tube. With the larger warhead protruding at the front, the weapon's booster part is put into the tube. The metal launch tube has an iron or optical sight, a wooden or plastic heat shield, and a pistol grip and trigger. It is typically not operated by a two-person team, in contrast to most reloadable rocket launchers; however, additional personnel frequently carry extra ammunition.
RPG-7 missiles within the three portions of an RPG. Typically fitted with an impact (PIBD) and a 4.5-second fuze, the RPG-7 may fire a variety of warheads for anti-personnel (HE, OG-Oskolochnaya Granata) or anti-armour (HEAT, PG-Protivotankovaya Granata) objectives.
The RPG-7 is a 40-millimetre-diameter steel tube that is reusable and smoothbore. This shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded launcher has a large range of rockets that it can fire. While night vision sights can be employed, optical and iron sights are typically used as standard. The two handles are situated near each other in the centre of the weapon, and the barrel's middle is covered in wood to shield the user from heat.
  1. RPG-7V2 upgraded edition: The Russian military forces and certain other nations follow this production model, which was accepted in 2001. 
  2. RPG-7D: a portable, lightweight parachute model that disassembles into two parts. The enhanced paratrooper model is the RPG-7D3. It is a match for the RPG-7V2. The Russian military forces and maybe some other nations employ this production model, which was adopted in 2001.
  • An advantage of the RPG-7 is that a single unit can carry six rockets with little difficulty using the reusable launcher. 
  • Ammo weighs anything from four to 10 pounds per round.
  • The RPG-7's drawback is that its black blast feature lets you know where the shooter is right away.
  • The RPG operator and his helper are easily identifiable by the distinctive trail of smoke coming from the weapon.
  • Only 200 metres is thought to be the effective range for the RPG-7, and even then, there is only a 50% chance that it will strike a slowly moving 5 by 2.5-metre target.
The unit cost of the RPG-7 is Rs. 2.07 lakh. 

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