Has CCI accused Google for its unfair activity on Play Store?

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has accused Google of enforcing unfair conditions and discriminatory practices on its Play Store platform, in violation of many antitrust statutes in India.
With a focus on Google's Play Store operations, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has opened an investigation into the internet giant's tactics in the Indian online market. The action was taken in response to allegations, which surfaced on Friday, that Google was unfairly taking advantage of its overwhelming market share.
According to CCI
As per the CCI, Google is facing charges of enforcing unfair conditions and discriminatory practices on its Play Store platform, hence breaching multiple rules delineated in India's antitrust regulations. The investigative branch of the commission is required to wrap up the investigation in 60 days.
The main focus of the accusations is Google's alleged discriminatory implementation of its regulations, namely in terms of distinguishing between apps that facilitate real transactions and those that offer digital services. The CCI claims that Google has been making arbitrary distinctions despite identical functionality, which could disadvantage some developers on its platform.
ADIF conference 
The issues faced by startup entrepreneurs were discussed earlier at the ADIF conference, with a focus on Google's in-app payment charge structure. Google's fees have a significant financial impact, as Snehil Khanor, co-founder and CEO of TrulyMadly, has expressed worry. He cited statistics as high as 26% of app income.
After accusing 
A 40% decline in operations was reportedly seen soon after the founders' apps were temporarily removed from the Play Store, demonstrating a real impact on their companies.

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