Is Glock - 18 is a worthy pistol?

The Glock - 18 is a handgun invented by Gaston Glock who is the owner of Austrian Glock business. According to certain sources, this handgun was created to satisfy the demands of the Austrian counterterrorism squad EKO Cobra. According to some reports, the purpose of designing this handgun was to make it more desirable to law enforcement and military personnel. It is important to remember that Glock firearms were extremely uncommon and barely known in the 1980s.

Glock used polymer for 80% of the parts, including the frame, to achieve low weight. The trigger mechanism and barrel are the only metal components. Despite the polymer used to make this weapon. This sturdy handgun does not rust either. An anti-rust coating covers all metal components. When this automatic handgun was first introduced, it was thought to be a breakthrough design. despite the fact that it included solutions that were already known. This handgun is lightweight, affordable, dependable, and easy to use in both design and operation.This handgun is made of few parts and has a straightforward design.

The slide has an external fire selector located at the back that allows you to change the firing mode from semi-automatic to fully automatic. It has an extended 19-round magazine that is included, and the 33-round magazine that is optional can increase the gun's firepower. About 20 rounds per second can be fired when the gun is in full automatic mode.

The selector switch offers semi-automatic firing and functions exactly like the Glock 17 in this capacity. When the switch is depressed, the Glock 18 fires 1,300 bullets per minute in fully automatic mode.The Glock 18's firing control system is really basic. There is an upward-protruding metal tab on the trigger bar.

Safety & Sights
This pistol has no manual safeties. Instead, it uses a patented “safe action” trigger system. An automatic safety is built into the trigger. It blocks the trigger if it is not pulled correctly. It eliminates self-action or accidental shots. After each shot, the safety lock is reset and turned “on” until the trigger is pushed once more. Another automatic safety does not permit fire if the barrel is not fully locked.

Glock 18C
It's an early model with a keyhole opening in the slide and barrel vents. With the aid of escaping gas, it was intended to lessen the muzzle ascent during an automatic shot. In fully automatic mode, 1,100–1,200 rounds per minute are fired. While the slide, frame, and some fire-control components of the Glock 18 are not compatible with older Glock models, the majority of the other features are comparable to those of the Glock 17.

  • It is Well-made, dependable gun chambered in the widely used 9mm cartridge. 
  • Concealable in size, yet capable of holding a 15-round magazine. 
  • Carrying it is more pleasant because to the light polymer frame.
  • Shooting accurately is significantly more difficult with a shorter barrel (sight radius).

The Glock 18 is priced at Rs. 21,201 thatmake this pistol to be among the most expensive.

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