Is SRS99-AM Sniper helpful in Warzone?

The UNSC forces favour SRS99-AM Sniper, long-range precision gun. It is renowned for having exceptional stopping power, precision, and efficacy against both vehicles and troops. The weapon can deliver powerful shots with its large calibre ammunition, and it has a sight for improved targeting.
The semi-automatic SRS99-AM sniper rifle is a bullpup-style, magazine-fed weapon. A 2.5x optical scope is included for accurate target acquisition and aiming. The rifle is designed to fire the 14.5x114mm bullet, which has a strong stopping power and is useful against light armoured vehicles as well as infantry. For shooters in the field, its lightweight design and polymer stock make it portable. UNSC snipers also choose the rifle because of its reputation for dependability and accuracy across extended ranges.
The rifle's precise optics and sturdy firing platform allow for exceptional accuracy, particularly at long range. able to engage targets at long range, which makes it perfect for sniping missions. With precise rounds, the rifle can neutralise troops and lightly armoured targets thanks to the 14.5x114mm round's strong stopping power. The SRS99-AM's adaptability on the battlefield is further enhanced by its ability to be effective against light vehicles and aircraft, despite its primary design being anti-personnel.
Suitable for precise long-range shooting, it is fitted with a 2.5x optical scope. Designed to halt light vehicles and soldiers with considerable force, it is chambered for the 14.5x114mm bullet. Semi-automatic firing capability enables quick reloads. Uses a bullpup arrangement to shorten the overall length while keeping the barrel length for increased accuracy.
A lever or selector switch that lets the shooter activate or deactivate the rifle's firing mechanism to avoid unintentional discharge. A device that, when activated, requires the shooter to apply purposeful pressure in order to prevent the trigger from being pulled accidentally. A safety device that lowers the possibility of an accidental discharge during maintenance or reloading by stopping the weapon from firing when the magazine is removed
  • The rifle is well known for its accuracy and long-range shooting capabilities.
  • With a large-calibre bullet chambered, it can stop light vehicles and soldiers with considerable force.
  • Effective in anti-material and anti-personnel duties in a variety of combat circumstances.
  • Even though it's not too heavy for a sniper rifle, some users could find it unwieldy and heavy, especially on long missions.
  • If not properly managed, the strong calibre round and semi-automatic action may cause significant recoil, which could impact the accuracy of follow-up shots.
  • Even though the rifle is powerful, its loud report could hinder stealth and disclose the location of the shooter, particularly in quiet areas or at night.
  1. SRS99C-S2 AM: A suppressed version of the SRS99-AM with a suppressor integrated in for less flash signature and muzzle noise, perfect for covert operations.
  2. SRS99D-S3 AM: A specially designated marksman version with a variable zoom scope and specially formulated ammunition, designed to be as effective at medium range as it is at long range.
  3. SRS99G-S3 AM: An upgraded version with a strengthened structure and a heavier barrel for increased durability and sustained fire capabilities, appropriate for long-term combat and challenging environmental circumstances. 

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