Vintage Styled, Indian Roadmaster Classic?

The Indian Roadmaster Classic bike offers an opulent touring experience by fusing contemporary technology with vintage styling. It is a great option for riders looking for both performance and style because of its strong engine, cosy seats, and cutting-edge technologies. It’s a touring motorcycle that leads its class with its unique look and comfortable ride.
Modern accents mixed with vintage design define the Indian Roadmaster Classic motorcycle. A touchscreen infotainment system and LED lighting offer modern convenience, while the vehicle’s recognisable chrome embellishments, leather-wrapped saddlebags, and valanced fenders evoke nostalgia. Its real leather upholstery and two-tone paint choices accentuate its upscale visual appeal.

Engine and Gearbox 
The 1890 cc Thunderstroke 116 V-twin engine powers the Indian Roadmaster Classic motorcycle. Its torque output of 126 ft-lbs is combined with a six-speed gearbox to deliver power smoothly. The engine is perfect for long-distance travel because of its efficient design, which guarantees responsive performance.
The Thunderstroke 116 engine of the Indian Roadmaster Classic bike produces 126 ft-lbs of torque, which allows for smooth acceleration. This engine offers outstanding performance. Its sturdy construction and cutting-edge suspension system guarantee steady handling and a comfortable ride, and amenities like cruise control and ABS improve passengers’ safety and convenience on any trip.
A number of high-end amenities make riding the Indian Roadmaster Classic cycle an opulent experience. Highlights include a 200-watt stereo system, heated grips and seats, remote-locking saddlebags, an adjustable windscreen, keyless ignition, a touchscreen infotainment system with GPS, and tyre pressure monitoring—all of which are intended to enhance comfort, convenience, and enjoyment while driving.
The innovative features of the Indian Roadmaster Classic bike stress the safety of the user. It has a strong frame for stability, tyre pressure monitoring for maximum traction, LED lighting for improved visibility, and ABS for the best brake control. Together, these elements offer motorcyclists a safe and assured riding experience.
Suspension and brakes
The superior suspension system on the Indian Roadmaster Classic bike consists of a single air-adjustable shock at the back and a telescopic fork up front. Together, the dual 300mm floating rotors with 4-piston callipers up front and the single 300mm floating rotor with a 2-piston calliper down back deliver strong stopping power and a smooth, pleasant ride.
  • Classic design with contemporary elements.
  • Smooth cruising is thanks to the powerful Thunderstroke 116 engine.
  • High-end amenities, including remote-locking saddlebags, heated seats and grips, and touchscreen infotainment.
  • A comfortable ride with soft seating and a windscreen that can be adjusted.
  • Expensive price tag in comparison to rival brands.
  • Some riders may find heavyweight training difficult.
  • Limited selection of colours.
Price and Colours
Its starting price is Rs 37.31 lakh. There are three fashionable colour variations for the Indian Roadmaster Classic bike, such as: Black Thunder, Metal in Burgundy and Pearl on top of ivory cream. 

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