Triumph Reveals The MY24 Tiger 900

Triumph Motorcycles unveils the MY24 Tiger 900 series, celebrating ten years of excellence in India. More power, more performance, and improved comfort are promised in this most recent version of the renowned Tiger series compared to its predecessor.
Introducing the Tiger 900 Range
The Tiger 900 Rally Pro and the Tiger 900 GT are the two versions in the MY24 Tiger 900 lineup. With major improvements, both models now offer improved performance, state-of-the-art safety features, and increased comfort.
More Power, More Thrills
The Tiger 900 is powered by a formidable three-cylinder engine that has been enhanced to provide 13% additional horsepower and a remarkable peak output of 108 PS. This significant boost in power guarantees thrilling acceleration and smooth riding in a variety of riding scenarios. Furthermore, motorcyclists may now take advantage of up to 9% more fuel efficiency with the Tiger 900.
Enhanced Capability and Safety Features
Triumph’s MY24 Tiger 900 line demonstrates their dedication to rider safety. The new emergency deceleration warning system instantly turns on danger lights during hard braking, alerting oncoming traffic and improving overall safety. The upgraded brakes offer great stopping power. Improved marker lights further increase visibility, guaranteeing that cyclists are seen even in dimly lit areas.
Designed for comfort and versatility
The new Tiger 900 range places a strong emphasis on comfort thanks to a redesigned seat with soft, ergonomic shapes and 20 mm of height adjustment to suit riders of all sizes. Additionally, a new damped handlebar mounting mechanism greatly lessens rider fatigue, making it possible for riders to travel long distances comfortably and with ease.
Aggressive styling and personalisation
Triumph has given the Tiger 900 a more aggressive, pointed look that highlights a more cohesive and tidy appearance. Riders can add even more customisation to their Tiger by selecting from three eye-catching paint jobs designed specifically for each model. 
Endless Possibilities with Genuine Accessories
Triumph has a wide selection of more than fifty authentic accessories available for the Tiger 900 series. Triumph makes sure that every rider can modify their Tiger to suit their unique style and needs, whether that means providing customised baggage solutions for extended touring or off-road excursions with the Trekker and Expedition packs or providing crucial protection with the Protection pack.
Redefining the norms of middleweight adventure motorcycles, the MY24 Tiger 900 series is ready to enthral adventure enthusiasts with its power, safety features, and comfort-enhancing technologies.

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