Modern and Aggressive, Honda Rebel 1100?

Enjoy a luxurious ride with the Honda Rebel 1100. Long lengths of road are no match for the effortless handling and comfortable ride of this mid-sized cruiser. Its timeless style and dual-tone colour selections draw attention from all angles. It is not light, yet it is nevertheless nimble enough to traverse through city streets.
The Rebel 1100 is a contemporary cruiser that defies convention. Its blacked-out mechanical parts draw attention to its low-slung form, giving it an aggressive, streamlined appearance. Modern technology is added with a negative LCD instrument display, but the cruiser aesthetic is maintained with traditional features like a teardrop headlight.
Engine and Gearbox 
The 1084cc parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine of the Rebel 1100 is a powerful machine. With 98 Nm of torque, this fuel-injected powerhouse provides tremendous pulling power and smooth acceleration. Select between the cutting-edge Dual Clutch gearbox (DCT) for smooth gear changes or the conventional 6-speed manual gearbox for a connected ride.
With its dynamic performance, the Rebel 1100 breaks misconceptions about cruisers. With a hearty 87 horsepower and a generous 98 Nm of torque, the 1084cc engine produces powerful acceleration. This results in smooth highway driving and surprisingly good zip for a cruiser of this size. It is also fun to drive on winding roads since the Rebel handles nicely despite its weight.
Modern technology meets traditional cruiser styling in the Rebel 1100. A comfortable riding position is provided by the wide handlebars and low-slung seat. Its blacked-out engine and teardrop headlight add a rebellious touch, and a negative LCD display keeps you informed. A smooth-running, 1084-cc fuel-injected engine powers the vehicle. Select the handy Dual Clutch gearbox (DCT) or the traditional 6-speed manual.
With its electronic rider aids, the Rebel 1100 puts the confidence of its riders first. It has Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which controls rear wheel traction during acceleration and turns; however, it lacks Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) information. You have more control because this system adapts performance to the weather and comes with two riding modes (Rain and Street).
Suspension and brakes
With its suspension, the Rebel 1100 places a high priority on a comfortable ride. Front 43mm adjustable preload forks cushion shocks. Twin Showa shocks with piggyback reservoirs and preload adjustment are mounted on the back. It uses a single four-piston calliper with a huge 330mm disc in front for a strong initial bite, while stopping power details are a little hazy. A 256mm disc single-piston calliper is used on the back.
  • Strong acceleration and cruising ability are provided by the powerful engine.
  • Wide handlebars and a low seat for a relaxed riding position.
  • Optional dual clutch transmission (DCT) and digital display.
  • Despite its weight, it is maneuverable.
  • Only black and purple are offered as colour options.
  • For certain riders, aftermarket installation might be necessary.
Price and colours
In India, the Honda Rebel 1100 is anticipated to start at Rs. 12 lakh. The Honda Rebel 1100 maintains simplicity in its colour selection: violet and black. 

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