Snapchat New Update 2024

Snapchat is rolling out new features that will enhance current experiences and let users engage with the site in new ways. Additionally, there are a few features driven by artificial intelligence (AI), all of which are being released gradually. Only Snapchat+-paying users will have access to some of these features. The social networking site is expanding its feature list to include things like editable chats, emoji reactions, my AI reminders, and the ability to create personalised Bitmoji avatar costumes using AI.
Snapchat: New Features
The social networking site published a newsroom post announcing the new features. “Every day, Snapchatters create more than 5 billion Snaps on average to communicate visually with their friends,” the firm said in a statement. In order to help Snapchatters communicate even faster, express themselves in new ways, and utilise My AI to keep organised despite hectic schedules and lives, we are now introducing additional features.

With the recent inclusion of editable chats, users will have up to five minutes after sending a message to change it. The function functions in a manner akin to WhatsApp’s message editing tool. Currently exclusive to Snapchat+ users, this could eventually be made available to all users. A little update is also coming for Snap Map. Emojis will allow users to respond to other users on the map. 

As of right now, Bitmoji is the sole way for Snapchat users to respond to messages. They will, however, be able to respond to messages using any emoji, thanks to the Emoji t, Reactions feature. My AI Reminders is another intriguing tool that lets users establish reminders by just sending a brief message to My AI with the event name, date, and time. My AI will begin an in-app countdown as soon as it is sent, and it will share a notification when the counter reaches zero. 

In addition to these, Snapchat will be getting two more AI features. The first is a Bitmoji costume generator driven by AI. Now, users can describe an outfit in brief, and the AI will come up with a list of options that are similar. These ensembles might have distinctive prints, hues, patterns, and more. The second feature, called the ‘90s AI Lens, was released a few days ago. When an image is clicked, the AI Lens automatically applies a creative filter with creative effects. This one incorporates the aesthetics of the 1990s.

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