Apple Arcade new Games Releasing

Apple is expanding its library of games available for subscription play on the Apple Arcade. Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse, Tomb of the Mask+, Return to Monkey Island+, Fabulous: Wedding Disaster+, and Where Cards Fall, an Apple Vision Pro puzzle game, are among the new titles.
Where Cards Fall
Where Cards Fall is a puzzle game in which players must design pathways through 50 difficult puzzles that call for a combination of creativity and strategic thinking. It was created for the Apple Vision Pro, Cupertino’s first mixed-reality headset. According to Apple, players may use their natural motions to manipulate and bring cards to life in this game that boasts “tactile, accessible controls, and handcrafted” capabilities. On May 30, it will be available for the Apple Vision Pro.
Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse
Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse is a brand-new deck-building game from Ubisoft that allows you to visit multiple locales throughout numerous universes. The game features a wide variety of characters, including pirates, knights, ninjas, and cowboy rabbits. Players will run into fellow Rabbids everywhere they go, from Mount Rabbidsmore to the Noodle Valleys of Dragon Land. On June 6, it will be accessible on Apple Arcade.
Return to Monkey Island Plus
Play as Guybrush Threepwood, his undead pirate foe LeChuck, and Elaine Marley in the adventure puzzle game Return to Monkey Island+, the latest entry in the well-liked Monkey Island series. Return to Monkey Island+, which is playable on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, has several islands and the traditional point-and-click interface. On June 6, it will also be available at Apple Arcade.
Tomb of the Mask+
Tomb of the Mask+, as the name implies, is set in a tomb where your character discovers an odd mask. In this classic game, players must navigate multiple mazes filled with obstacles, adversaries, and traps in order to escape the tomb and regain their freedom. On June 6, Tomb of the Mask+, along with other titles, will be available through Apple’s game subscription service.
Fabulous: Wedding Disaster+
Fabulous: Wedding Disaster+ is a time management game where you take over the New York wedding scene. It is geared for folks who enjoy fashion, romance, and celebrity rumors. Players must visit six different bridal salons in this game to test their dress-designing abilities. It will arrive on June 6 as well.

Apple has released a number of new games in recent months, including Disney SpellStrick, Jet Dragon, Cypher 007, and What the Car? With over” 200 games in its library, Apple Arcade is currently available in India for Rs 99 a month.

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