Is Apple iOS 18 going to Release with its new Features?

The next iOS 18 from Apple may bring about a significant redesign, possibly with a circular icon style reminiscent of VisionOS and an emphasis on generative AI features incorporated into key apps. Only a few months remain until Apple's 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference, which usually begins with a keynote address in early June. Although WWDC is largely a developer-focused conference, new hardware is rarely the main focus.

It is anticipated that iOS 18 will be the biggest software upgrade for the iPhone that Apple has released in a long time. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently made hints about significant developments pertaining to Generation AI that will be made later this year. Based on what he said, we may assume that WWDC is the event where everything will happen.
iOS 18 is rumoured to have a significant redesign.
The iOS 16 and iOS 17 releases from Apple were merely cosmetic improvements. The primary goal of these two iPhone software versions was to stabilise the operating system by making the most of the already-existing key features. According to reports, the future iOS 18 will be very different, offering several new features that will benefit iPhone users in addition to UI-level improvements. iOS 18 has been internally dubbed "Crystal," and work on it is reportedly underway, according to a Bloomberg story.
iOS 18 launch date
Most likely in September, the stable version of iOS 18 will launch alongside the upcoming iPhone 16 series. But at its yearly developers conference, which is probably going to happen in June along with the release of the next-generation OS for Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, and other devices, Apple will offer us an early look at the same.
It is anticipated that the first public beta of iOS 18 will be released in July or August, with the developer beta expected to launch in June. These builds are primarily intended for app developers and enthusiasts who want to be the first to use the new improvements, but they won't be flawless by any means.
AI-enhanced first-party apps
Though it's possible that iPhones won't have stand-alone AI functions like the Galaxy S24 series has, Apple is anticipated to include AI features in its current suite of products and services, nevertheless. Indeed, Apple Podcasts' AI-generated transcripts were made possible by iOS 17.4. AI elements are reportedly being added by Apple to native apps. According to a previous Bloomberg story, the business is working on an LLM (large language model) called Ajax, which is expected to have generative AI capabilities similar to those of ChatGPT. Part of these features is planned to be integrated into Siri to provide users with a more engaging chat experience.
iOS 18 will add ‘hearing aid’ mode for AirPods Pro.
Apple is considering adding a new feature to the AirPods with the iOS 18 update, which turns AirPods Pro into "hearing aids." This feature is likely an improved version of the currently available Conversation Boost feature, which increases the volume to increase the loudness of the audio. Apple AirPods are well-known for their audio performance and noise cancellation. This information is based on a recent report by Bloomberg. However, the corporation may not formally refer to it as hearing air mode because FDA certification is required for the same.
iOS 18-supported devices
The iOS 18 upgrade is probably compatible with more than 20 iPhone models. Any iPhone released on or after iPhone 11 is probably eligible for the iOS 18 update, while the Apple iPhone XS and XR (review) series might not be. 

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