Lightweight and Accurate, AR-7 Pistol?

The AR-7 pistol is a compact, lightweight firearm designed for survival situations. It features a semi-automatic action, chambered in .22 LR, with a detachable magazine. Its collapsible design allows for easy storage in backpacks or emergency kits. Originally developed for aircrews, it’s prized for its portability and reliability.
Based on the AR-7 survival rifle, the AR-7 pistol has a revolving bolt and a blowback-operated action. Its magazine, receiver, and barrel are all housed in its lightweight polymer stock. Typically 8.5 inches long, the barrel is threaded for simple disassembly. It is well known for being easy to use, long-lasting, and, when disassembled, buoyant.
The.22 LR calibre of the AR-7 handgun provides dependable performance with modest stopping power and little recoil. It can be used for self-defense or small game hunting because it is accurate at short to medium ranges. It is a versatile alternative for both recreational and survival shooting due to its compact size and decent precision.
The AR-7 pistol has several features that are geared for survival situations, such as a lightweight construction for mobility, a sturdy polymer stock, and a foldable design for simple storage and transportation. Its 22 LR chambering, detachable magazine, and semi-automatic operation provide dependability, adaptability, and efficiency in a variety of settings.
A manual safety lever and other standard features ensure that the AR-7 pistol emphasizes safety and may be safely locked when not in use. It usually includes safeguards against unintentional discharges as well, giving users comfort when handling and storing.
The following are a few AR-7 pistol variations: AR-7 Henry U.S. Survival, AR-7 Explorer from Charter Arms, AR-7 Explorer Armalite, AR-7 Survival Arms, The Explorer II ArmaLite, and Timberwolf from Israeli Military Industries (IMI).
  • A lightweight and compact design makes storage and transportation simple.
  • Renowned for being dependable and long-lasting under survival circumstances,
  • .22 LR chambering is appropriate for both pleasure shooting and small game hunting.
  • In certain situations, the stopping power of a 22 LR calibre may not be adequate for self-defense.
  • In comparison to other rifles, this one has less aftermarket support.
  • Generally less than bigger calibre handguns, holding fewer rounds.
The pricing range is between Rs. 16,686 and Rs. 41,716.

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