Ultraviolette F77 gets an 8-Lakh-Kilometre Warranty Extension

The Ultraviolette F77 has established a new benchmark in the world of electric vehicles with an 8-year global guarantee covering up to 8,00,000 km. Three packages are included in the new warranty: UV Care, UV Care+, and UV Care Max. Every bundle has different perks for coverage.
Warranty Durations
The normal vehicle warranty is still valid for three years, or thirty thousand kilometers. The battery and drivetrain warranties, on the other hand, have been greatly improved. With UV Care, they cover 60,000 km for three years, while with UV Care Max, they cover an incredible 800,000 km for eight years.
Versatility Across Variants
UV Care and UV Care+ packages are applicable to the F77 Original and Recon models. But only the F77 Recon model is eligible for the UV Care Max package. The extended guarantee offered by Ultraviolette is supported by thorough testing on the F77. Recently, one of the test bikes reached 100,000 kilometres while still holding more than 95% of its factory-rated capacity.
The F77’s exceptional endurance during recent ARAI testing, an IDC range of 304 km on a single charge, validated its dependability and effectiveness.
Anticipation Builds
The anticipation for Ultraviolette’s announcement on April 24, 2024, is palpable among aficionados. Though specifics are yet unknown, rumours point to possible improvements that would improve the F77’s functionality and performance even more.

The F77’s extended warranty from Ultraviolette is a major turning point for the EV business. Ultraviolette is leading the way in the Indian EV landscape with unrivaled coverage and imaginative leadership.

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