Truecaller Web Interface is here, SMS Messaging Support Launched

The company introduced Truecaller for Web, a new method of accessing the platform when a user’s Android smartphone is not in close proximity. Now, users may search for numbers on the online interface, send SMS messages to contacts, or engage in Truecaller chat with them. Upon loading, automatically-categorized messages will also be displayed in the Truecaller for Web interface. As of right now, it only supports Android cellphones; the business has not stated when or if iPhone support will be added.

After logging in, users could previously search for unknown numbers on the Swedish company’s website; however, the recently released Truecaller for Web interface aims to expand the functions available in the Android app to the browser. When a user links the web client to Truecaller on a smartphone, they can use the search box to look for strange numbers by typing or pasting them, even if their phone isn't close by.

When an Android phone is connected to Truecaller on a computer, alerts for incoming calls will appear on the computer. Even when your phone is not close by, you may view incoming notifications, including calls using other services like Microsoft’s Phone Link app; however, it does not have the ability to look up unfamiliar numbers.
Users will be able to view and respond to SMS and Truecaller chat messages on their computer, which are categorised into three areas: inbox, promotions, and spam. They can also use the keyboard on their PC (or laptop). The company claims that you can designate outgoing communications as urgent via the online interface. Users will also be able to connect files up to 100 MB in size through the online interface.

Users must have Truecaller installed on an Android smartphone in order to use Truecaller for Web, and they must be using a contemporary web browser on Windows or macOS, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Users can use the QR code shown on the page to log into Truecaller for Web by going to the Messages tab and selecting the three-dot menu > Messaging for Web > Link a device. iPhone consumers won’t be able to use the same capabilities because the feature is only compatible with Android smartphones.

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