Samsung unveils AI-powered home appliances

Samsung unveiled its AI-powered Bespoke line of household appliances. The appliances will be equipped with the company’s Bespoke AI, which can assist users in accessing controls via the SmartThings Application, as well as built-in Wi-Fi, cameras, and AI chips.

We are pleased to present Bespoke AI, our newest major advancement in home appliances that will guarantee smarter living for Indian households and lower energy usage, helping to preserve the environment. Customers will be able to personalise their selections, enjoy simple controls for children and the elderly. 

Customers can also receive seamless diagnosis for their home appliances with our Bespoke AI-powered products. JB Park, President & CEO, Samsung Southwest Asia, stated in a press release that “We are confident that Bespoke AI will strengthen our leadership in the digital appliances market in India with the transformative power of AI.”

According to Samsung, AI can help these appliances last longer and be more sustainable. It used the example of how an air conditioner or refrigerator can alert consumers when an air filter needs to be changed or when the water filter needs to be replaced. However, it’s not immediately evident why AI is necessary for either of these purposes. However, Samsung claims that by incorporating AI, it hopes to cut down on the amount of time needed to maintain these products.
Appliances can now be smarter thanks to AI, which also helps users spend less time and energy on household tasks. These appliances revolutionise the smart home experience with improved connectivity and AI capabilities, elevating the overall user experience. Our goal with AI appliances is to further solidify our premium portfolio and grow our market share in the premium appliances space, according to a news release from Samsung India’s Senior Director of Digital Appliances, Saurabh Baishakhia.

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