Is Tesla Robotaxi going to be unveiled on August 8?

Elon Musk has disclosed that on August 8, Tesla will present a “Robotaxi.” In his X post, the Tesla CEO kept things brief, saying only, “Tesla Robotaxi unveils on 8/8.”

Years of development have gone into this robotaxi, which Musk has hailed as a potential game-changer for Tesla. The goal is to develop a completely autonomous vehicle that can function as a self-driving taxi service that has no pedals or steering wheel. Theoretically, owners who leave their Teslas available for rides while not in use could make money.

Naturally, over the years, Musk’s forecasts on the capabilities of autonomous driving have frequently fallen short of reality. Tesla stated in 2019 that its robotaxis would be operational by 2020, with an 11-year lifespan and an annual income of Rs. 24 lakh for its owners. That obviously didn’t work out.

However, the CEO has dismissed concerns that he or she overestimated the deadline. At an event in 2019, Musk stated, “The only criticism, and it’s a fair one, is that sometimes I’m not on time.” “However, the Tesla team and I completed it.”

What can we anticipate from this robotaxi revelation, then? 
According to the company’s own descriptions, the current “Full Self-Driving” features on new Teslas still need active driver supervision. Experts who have tested the system concur that it is still a long way from being fully autonomous.

It's obvious that the purpose of the impending unveiling is to create excitement, regardless of whether the robotaxi lives up to the hype. A bright new autonomous product idea might be exactly what Tesla needs to boost its stock, as EV sales are slowing and profits are declining.

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