Google made a Solar Eclipse for April 8

Now, when you type “solar eclipse” into Google, a brief animation of the moon moving in front of the sun appears. Google is getting into the web hysteria around the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8. Right from the search bar, the business has released a new animation that previews the celestial phenomenon.

When you search for terms like “solar eclipse 2024,” “April 8 eclipse,” or just “solar eclipse,” a picture of the moon passing in front of the sun will pop up. The moon’s silhouette is seen in the animation as it passes across the sun’s brilliant disc.

This is a simplified illustration of the heavenly alignment that will only be seen as a total eclipse in select areas of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. A partial eclipse, viewable in regions of the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, and Iceland, will see the moon hide only a piece of the sun. Unfortunately, no one in India or anywhere else in Asia will be able to see an eclipse.

The animation is just one of Google’s many inadvertent Easter eggs on Search, of course. Other entertaining ones include searching for “do a barrel roll,” which spins the results, and “flip a coin” and “roll dice,” which provide randomizers.

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