Is Erma SR 100 used for Long Range Accuracy?

The Erma SR 100 is a sniper rifle that has the primary goal of long-range accuracy. With its sturdy construction and cutting-edge optics, it provides outstanding performance for both law enforcement and military uses. It’s a sniper team’s go-to option in a variety of operational scenarios because of its impeccable accuracy and reputation for dependability.
The sleek, ergonomic form of the Erma SR 100 sniper rifle is enhanced for accuracy in shooting. Modern materials are used in its sturdy yet lightweight design to provide stability and recoil control. With its adjustable stock, free-floating barrel, and modular chassis system, the rifle offers remarkable accuracy and configurable comfort in the field.
The high-precision barrel and sophisticated sighting mechanism of the Erma SR 100 sniper rifle enable reliable accuracy at great ranges, resulting in exceptional performance. It is a great option for precision shooters due to its smooth action, minimum recoil, and stable operation, which guarantee trustworthy performance in a variety of climatic circumstances.
A free-floating barrel for improved accuracy, an adjustable ergonomic stock, and a modular chassis system are just a few of the advanced features of the Erma SR 100 sniper rifle. Its smooth trigger and precise optics ensure accurate shot placement, and its sturdy build ensures dependability even under difficult circumstances.
User safety is given top priority with the Erma SR 100 sniper rifle, which has several measures to protect against unintentional discharges, such as a manual safety lever. In order to secure the handgun while not in use and to guarantee safe handling and storage at all times, it also features a bolt lock mechanism.
  • Exceptional precision at a distance.
  • A system of modular chassis for modification.
  • An adjustable stock improves comfort and ergonomics.
  • A smooth trigger ensures accurate shot positioning.
  • Dependable performance under varied circumstances.
  • It is hard to find aftermarket accessories.
  • Possibly more expensive than other firearms.
  • In certain circumstances, a heavy weight may affect manoeuvrability.
Typically, it falls between Rs. 2.5 lakh and Rs. 4 lakh.

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