Users now can't take screenshots of profile pictures on WhatsApp

The way WhatsApp prevents Android users from capturing screenshots of other users' profile images improves user safety. It is a default feature that cannot be manually switched on or off.

It will no longer be permitted to take screenshots of your contacts profile images. WhatsApp is preventing Android users from capturing screenshots of other users' profile images in an effort to improve user safety. Nevertheless, profile image screenshots are still captureable by the iPhone. Although users can choose to hide their profile photos from contacts they haven't saved, WhatsApp's latest action will prevent users from improperly using other people's images.

A report published by Android Police claims that in February 2024, WhatsApp was spotted developing a new feature. Though Meta hasn't made an official announcement about it, it appears that they are testing it frequently. Interestingly, you cannot explicitly turn on or off the feature; it is always on by default. Even if your WhatsApp has not been updated, you won't be able to snap the screenshot.

In order to prevent those who aren't on your contact list from seeing your profile image. 
  • Start WhatsApp.
  • The Settings tab can be tapped in the lower right corner.
  • Choose discretion.
  • Toggle the profile picture.
  • Make the selection "My Contacts Except..."
  • To conceal your profile image from certain contacts, select them.
  • The upper right corner displays the word "Done."

You should take the following actions to hide your photo from anyone
  • Start WhatsApp.
  • Press and hold the Settings icon.
  • Access Privacy.
  • Pick your profile photo.
  • Select "Nobody" as your choice.
  • Your privacy preferences will be respected because you can manage who sees your WhatsApp profile image by following these instructions.

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