The New Honda Ye Electric SUV Will Be Released by the End of 2024

Honda intends to make up for its late entry into the electric vehicle (EV) competition by introducing approximately thirty new battery-powered cars by 2030. Honda is developing a new 0 (Zero) series of electric vehicles for international markets. It is anticipated that these will debut in 2026. However, Honda’s objectives for the Chinese market are very different. Given that China has the world’s largest EV market, this makes sense.
The Honda Ye EV range was unveiled in China.
“Ye” means “shine brilliantly” in Mandarin. There are P7 and S7 SUVs as well as a GT Concept sedan in Honda’s recently unveiled Ye EV range in China. In the upcoming years, the Ye EV selection will grow with more models. By the end of 2024, it is anticipated that China will start selling crossover SUVs.
By contrast, the GT Concept offers a sneak peek of a brand-new electric vehicle that will likely go on sale by the end of 2025. Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda, Honda’s local partners, will produce and market the company’s new electric vehicles in China.
Honda P7 and S7 SUVs
The Honda P7 and S7 SUVs are nearly mirror images, with the exception of the front fascia and back profile. A few of the salient features are the sloped rear windscreen, shark fin antenna, flush-type pop-out door handles, polygonal fenders, sculpted bonnet, blacked-out pillars, and roof-mounted spoiler. Even the crossover SUVs P7 and S7 share the same alloy wheels. Both SUVs have the updated Honda emblem up front and the new Honda letters dispersed around the back.

Both SUVs, though, feature distinctive front and back appearances. The front fascia of the P7 is made in a somewhat austere manner. It features tail lamps with a similar design and traditional C-shaped components. Conversely, the profile of the Honda S7 is more peculiar. Its front receives recognisable X-shaped illumination.
Honda GT Concept
Certain aspects of the GT Concept, such as the front illumination in the shape of an X, are reminiscent of the S7. The graphics for the taillights work in the same way. Deep fender air vents and other racing characteristics give the Honda GT Concept a dynamic appearance. A split back window and a rear fog light in Formula 1 are two more thrilling elements. The interior of the Honda GT Concept is lavishly decorated in red and black. A fully digital experience with roughly six screens is what users can anticipate. It has an exclusive touch-sensitive gear selector.

By 2027, Honda intends to introduce six Ye EV vehicles to the Chinese market. There will also be e:NP1 and e:NS1. These e:N1 models are China-specified. Two more EVs are being developed, although specifics are not yet known. It implies that by 2027, Honda will have produced ten electric vehicles for China. Honda also intends to stop selling EVs in China by 2035.

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