Google Said to Add New Pixel Launcher Setting

European users of Google Pixel smartphones have reported seeing an option to switch the default search engine. It is reported that the option may be found in the Pixel Launcher settings, which is the launcher that comes pre-installed on all Pixel handsets. The IT giant allegedly gave users the option to switch search engines in order to comply with the recently implemented Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union (EU). Notably, in order to comply with the act, Apple also added support for other software marketplaces and permitted third-party browsers to use their own browser engines.
Tipster Mishaal Rahman posted the details on X (formerly known as Twitter). Rahman stated, "One user tells me they received a notification from the Search Engine Selector app to choose their search engine," citing screenshots posted by a Mastodon user. The search bar's icon is modified to reflect the user's selected search provider after switching providers. Numerous more Pixel phone owners in Europe also attested to receiving the notification.

It is said that selecting the notification will lead to a new search engine setup choice. Users can manually access it by going to Settings > *Home screen search settings > Search Engine* in Pixel Launcher. "Select the app you'll use to search the web" appears as soon as the user enters the menu. The content and search on your home screen will be impacted by this.
Users are apparently going to see all of the search engines that they have installed on their phones underneath the notification. Other well-known search engines include Perplexity AI, DuckDuckGo, Microsoft Bing, and Ecosia. It seems that Google has started to push out this feature, according to the tipster's knowledge. It hasn't been extended to Android phones other than Pixels yet, though.

Google just published a blog entry outlining how it plans to abide by the new rules. The tech giant claimed to have added an option for consumers to select whether or not to share their data across Google services, in addition to implementing more than 20 product improvements in search results. Additionally, it stated that users would soon be able to switch the default search engine or browser by adding an "additional choice screen."

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