Samsung Good Lock App now Available on Google Play Store

According to reports, the Google Play Store will soon host Samsung’s Good Lock software, a customisation suite for Galaxy handsets that lets users experiment with different modules and even add new features. Lock screen, notifications, home screen, and other features may all be customised with the app’s modules. The software was previously exclusive to the Galaxy Store. It was allegedly available in early access on the Play Store, according to a report. Notably, other Android phones cannot use the app; it is still only compatible with Galaxy phones.

The Good Lock app was discovered in early access on the Google Play Store, per a 9to5Google story. Due to early access, not all users will have access to it; only a select few will be able to install and utilise it routinely. The software may only be available in a few countries, which is why we at Gadgets 360 were unable to find it in the Play Store. It looks like the app isn't available in India right now.

As seen by the screenshot tipster @tarunvats33 supplied, the app is currently running The 3.3MB app’s description lists every standard feature that the Galaxy Store version of the app displays. It is said that the app functions on Android phones other than Galaxy models. It does, however, come with the caution that the phone and the app are incompatible.

2018 saw the release of the Good Lock software by Samsung, a tool for personalising its Galaxy smartphones. On compatible Galaxy handsets, the app featured an additional degree of personalisation. Apps like ClockFace, Task Changer, Lockstar, and Quickstar are among them. Additionally, it gave users more control over the sound settings because of the built-in sound assistant. Users can also add visual components and personalise their notifications with this feature.

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