Is Honda Shine 125 most puchased bike?

Honda Shine 125 is a made by a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. It is known for its elegant appearance, powerful engine, and cosy riding position. The Shine is a well-liked option for daily commuting and city riding, and it comes in a number of variations.

The Honda Shine has a sleek, simple style. Its chrome highlights on the side panels and decorations on the headlamp cowl give it an upscale appearance. The bike's appearance is further enhanced by the aggressive graphics. To accommodate everyday commutes, it has an ergonomic design with a long, single-piece seat that promotes a relaxed riding posture. The instrument console on the bike has also been modified.

Engine and Gearbox
A 123.94-cc single-cylinder engine producing 10.74 PS and 11 Nm powers the Honda Shine, and it is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. It has a self-start feature as well as a kick-start lever.

The Honda Shine 125 is well-equipped to handle shocks on city roads thanks to its twin shock absorbers, telescopic suspension, and big 18-inch wheels with tubeless tyres on both ends. Tubeless tyres are far more resilient to punctures than tubed tyres, which often lose air quickly. The 240mm front disc and 130mm rear drum with the Combined Braking System (CBS) provide sufficient stopping force as well. A front 130mm drum is another alternative if cost is more of an issue for you. However, the disc version is safer than the one with the front drum brake. In addition, the ground clearance of 162 mm is sufficient to navigate in rough conditions.

The Shine 125 from Honda comes with a tail light, a DC halogen headlamp, bulb indicators, and an engine kill switch. The only analogue instruments in the instrument cluster are the fuel gauge, odometer, speedometer, and telltale lights. The motorcycle ought to have had a semi-digital instrument cluster from Honda. A silent starter for easy, noiseless starts and a side-stand engine cut-off capability are two more remarkable characteristics.

There are three Honda Shine 125 variants to choose from, and each has unique features and specs. The variants are as follows:
  • Honda Shine Drum: This version has a DC halogen headlamp, an analogue instrument cluster, an engine kill switch, and a drum brake configuration.
  • Honda Shine Disc: For improved stopping power, this version has a front disc brake. A fuel gauge, a side-stand engine cut-off feature, and a semi-digital instrument cluster are among the extra features that come with it.
  • Honda Shine CBS: For increased safety and control when braking, this version is equipped with Honda's Combined Braking System (CBS). It also has extra features, including a tail light, indicator bulbs, and a silent starter for silent starts.

  • Smooth 125-cc engine.
  • Outstanding fuel economy.
  • The 5-speed gearbox is easy to use.
  • The design of the instrument cluster appears outdated.
  • Expensive in comparison to its competitors.

The base variant of the Honda Shine costs Rs. 92,427 (ex-showroom: 79,800) when purchased on the road in Delhi. However, the Shine top model costs Rs. 96,833 in Delhi when it is driven.

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