Is Honda SP 125 best for Family riding?

A well-liked motorcycle model, the Honda SP 125 has become known for combining performance, style, and fuel economy. Its 125-cc engine offers a decent mix of power and fuel efficiency. Younger and older riders will find the bike's sleek, contemporary design and eye-catching graphics appealing.

Honda went back to starting and made some design changes to the motorcycle, in addition to adjusting the engine and adding more features. We may conclude that the new SP 125 is a really attractive motorcycle after admiring it from every aspect. Honda has done a great job of making it appear sportier, from beefier tank extensions to more curves surrounding the headlamp portion. The story continues at the back, where the tail lamp and underseat panels have been sleeked up.

Not only is the SP 125 visually charming, but it also has excellent fit and finish, overall build quality, and overall quality. Although the switchgear's controls have a sturdy, upscale appearance, the plastic panels that run the length of the bodywork also convey toughness. With the exception of the slightly brittle plastic inserts that sit between the fuel tank and its extensions, the kit seems to be well-assembled overall.

Engine and Gearbox
The Honda SP 125 is powered by a 123.94-cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 10.87 PS at 7500 rpm. The Honda SP125 has a 5-speed gearbox that shifts smoothly and effectively. The smooth transition between gears made possible by this gearbox gives the user a responsive and pleasurable riding experience.

The SP 125 is in a market niche where mileage is crucial. Despite the bike's promised efficiency of 70 km/h by ARAI, the average mileage indicator continuously showed numbers between 55 and 60 km/h. However, you can attempt to get better mileage by regularly paying attention to the eco indicator, which turns green when the bike is riding in the appropriate gear for the speed.

It features a fully computerised instrument cluster that contains an abundance of information, including two trip metres, real-time and average mileage, distance to empty, gear position, and basic data. Next is an engine stop switch that functions as an engine restart button as well. LED lights are also a feature of those avant-garde-looking headlights and taillights. Most notably, the new SP 125 has a silent beginning that eliminates engine cranking noises by using an ACG starter motor, keeping with Honda's "Silent Revolution" theme.

There are three different Honda SP125 models: Drum, Drum Special Edition, and Disc. It has seven colours. The Special Edition and Disc versions offer more features and improved performance, while the SP125 Drum edition provides a more affordable option.

  • The 125-cc engine provides outstanding refinement.
  • Exceptional fuel economy.
  • Provides a cosy ride.
  • The disc brake version is somewhat expensive.
  • Lacks some contemporary features.
  • Conservative fashion.

In India, the price range for the mileage-friendly Honda SP 125 bike is between Rs. 86,747 and Rs. 91,298.

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