Is Hero Maestro Edge 125 most advanced scooter?

The Hero Maestro Edge 125 is Hero MotoCorp's attempt to take a piece of the expanding 125cc scooter market. Yes, the Destini 125 has been available for a few months now, but Indians who value style and want a higher-end product are the target market for this one, which is slightly more expensive. Hero says a lot of thought has gone into creating a performance-oriented, comfortable, and laid-back Maestro Edge 125 scooter.

It will initially remind you of Hero MotoCorp's 110cc scooter, the Maestro. Hero has cleverly brought back the Maestro aesthetic. Hero has tidied up the Maestro Edge 125 to make it appear less hefty, even though you can still see the angular and pointed body panels. As a result, the frame's front and side panels are neatly merged. However, the back still has a large, hefty appearance.

The dual-tone paint touch is another. One colour is applied to the external panels, while another is applied to the seat, floorboard, and plastics surrounding the instrument cluster. This was done to give the Hero a more upscale appearance and feel while driving. Regretfully, the instrument cluster is identical to that of the 110 cc model. Also, the exhaust design seems a little out of date. The Maestro Edge 125 has an LED arrangement at the tail; however, it does not have LED headlamps or turn signals.

The 124.6-cc fuel-injected engine of the Maestro Edge 125 complies with BS6 and is built to the most recent pollution regulations. With a stated power output of 9.12 PS and a peak torque of 10.4 Nm, this motor offers the scooter the best possible performance and fuel efficiency. Precise fuel distribution is ensured by the fuel injection system, which raises engine efficiency and produces fewer emissions.

Hero MotoCorp put a lot of effort into these two areas for this bike. The Maestro Edge 125 is one of the most potent scooters in the class, thanks to the same focus. Additionally, it is the first scooter in the class with fuel injection.

It still has two baggage hooks, an external gasoline filling port, and respectable underseat storage. Under the seat, there is a USB charging port and a boot light. The key switch can control the ignition, boot, and fuel-filler caps.

The Hero Maestro Edge 125 is offered in thirteen distinct colours: Prismatic Purple, Pearl Fadeless White, Prismatic Yellow, Prismatic Purple, Brown, Candy Blazing Red, Panther Black, Stealth Black, Red, Black, Matte Red, Grey, Blue, and Brown. 

  • Operates with a sophisticated engine.
  • Obtains the fuel-injected motor option.
  • Has an external fuel filler cap.
  • Vibrates at specific rates.
  • Does not utilise LED headlamps.
  • The instrument cluster appears antiquated.

The projected cost of the Hero Maestro Edge 125 Alloy Drum version is Rs. 85,470. The cost of the other two models, the Maestro Edge 125 Alloy Disc Prismatic Connected and the Maestro Edge 125 Alloy Disc, is Rs. 95,095 and Rs. 90,548. The prices listed for the Maestro Edge 125 are average ex-showroom rates.

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