King Sheikh Zayed was gifted by a Rolls Royce WRAITH, Is this Marvellous in the Wisdom Collection?

A specially designed Rolls-Royce Wraith captures the Sheikh Zayed Bridge's spectacular, flowing shape and brilliant night time illumination which is gifted to Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is the founder and first president of Abu Dhabi. It is a magnificent recreation of the architectural icon that served as inspiration for a distinctive car that can grab attention wherever it goes. The Sheikh Zayed Bridge is regarded as one of the world's most carefully constructed bridges. It comes in the Wisdom collection and is the only one available.
The Sheikh Zayed Bridge is regarded as one of the world's most meticulously built bridges, and Rolls-Royce Bespoke created a tribute piece for it. Even though the Wraith Inspired by Sheikh Zayed Bridge's details are simpler and perfectly reflect the spirit of the iconic bridge, blue, white, and silver serve as its primary colour scheme. The towering wraith appearance and interior enhance a free-flowing look that is reminiscent of the Sheikh Zayed Bridge's gigantic, curved arches, which command a daunting presence throughout the nation.

The Sheikh Zayed Bridge Wraith has unique elements that embody the essence of the vehicle, such as hand-painted coach lines that are individually developed for it. Known as the "Wisdom Collection," it takes its cues from the national symbol (the Sheikh Zayed Bridge). One of the main markets for Rolls-Royce is the United Arab Emirates. Its dealership in Dubai just surpassed its Abu Dhabi counterpart to become the world's most prosperous and highest-selling Rolls-Royce dealership.

This combination of raw power, impeccable design, and advanced technology makes the vehicle equipped with these features a top choice among discerning automotive enthusiasts. The Wraith's exterior features, which include the hood, roof, and trunk, are primarily distinguished by the coupe's silver tint and blue body colour. The side profile of the bridge is subtly merged into the silver strip that runs the length of the Wraith, adding to the coupe's distinctive character.

Once inside, you'll be greeted by a lavishly decorated cabin with a scheme of three colours: white, black, and blue. Arabic carvings are also included on the glove box, and a striking graphic representation of the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, complete with curving light posts arranged on the bridge's borders, is situated at the centre console.

Engine and Gearbox
The Sheikh Zayed Bridge Wraith is powered by a legendary 6.6 litre V12 engine that does not disappoint. Boasting an impressive 780 brake horsepower (bhp), this powerhouse delivers exceptional performance that is a testament to engineering mastery. Coupled with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, shifting gears becomes seamless and effortless, allowing for optimum control and precision. The absolute power of its 590 torque ensures acceleration that pins you to your seat with energy.
The Starlight Headliner on a Rolls-Royce Bespoke is an amazing example of bespoke customisation. Rolls-Royce claims that the Starlight Headliner is made possible by positioning tiny fibre optic strands at various depths and angles. It appears that light escapes this in several directions at various intensities. Even the brightness of each star can be changed by customers to fit their moods.

It took approximately 1.5 years to make the Sheikh Zayed Bridge Wraith. Usually, Rolls-Royce cars take 6 months to manufacture, but because this is unique and the only one available, it took more than that. It takes nine hours to build the headliner from the ground up, but since the feature can be customised to the owner's specifications, the most complex requests may take up to 17 hours to finish. Two craftsmen have a great deal of work ahead of them as they must pierce the leather with up to 1,600 holes before inserting fibre optic lights.
Wisdom Collection
Seven unique models have been produced by Rolls-Royce's bespoke division on special commission from its Abu Dhabi dealership. The other six are:
• The Falconry Wraith
This model captures the spirit of falconry, with the falcon standing for power and dominance.
• The Wisdom Phantom VII
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque—served as the inspiration for the limited-edition Phantom saloon. It has a white and gold two-tone exterior with a finely embroidered floral headlining. It took over 800 hours and about 400,000 stitches to accomplish the workmanship alone.

• The Phantom Coupe
It has gold accents and was made to resemble the stunning Qasr-Al-Hosn stronghold in vibrant blue and white.
• Phantom Drophead Coupe
Deep red and white hues are used to painstakingly build the sculpture, which is reminiscent of a desert rose.
• The Ghost
Its exterior is white and gold with yellow trim and gold brightwork, taking inspiration from ancient trading routes.
• The Dawn
The blue, teal, silver, and beige oceanic tones used in this model depict ancient pearling techniques.

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