E-Luna Electric Scooter: A Game-Changer in Lightweight & Affordable Mobility

The much-awaited E-Luna has made its grand entrance into the market, triggering a surge in pre-bookings and availability on various e-commerce platforms. Priced attractively between Rs 71,990 and Rs 74,990 (ex-showroom), this electric scooter caters to diverse preferences and budgets.

Design and Weight
Remaining loyal to its heritage, the E-Luna showcases a no-frills, utilitarian design reminiscent of its predecessor. The absence of signature pedals contributes to its simplicity. Weighing a mere 96kg, the scooter introduces practicality with a removable rear seat, providing extra storage capacity. Its rider-friendly nature is accentuated by a low seat height of just 760mm.

Features and Dashboard
Equipped with a functional LCD dashboard, the E-Luna ensures riders have access to essential information. Adding to the convenience factor, the scooter incorporates a USB charging port and a side stand cut-off feature. The color palette offers choices between Mulberry Red and Ocean Blue.

Performance and Specifications
The E-Luna boasts a claimed top speed ranging between 50-52kph, powered by a hub-mounted motor delivering a robust 22Nm of torque. Suspension duties are handled by a telescopic fork and twin shock absorbers, with drum brakes on both ends. Sporting 16-inch spoked wheels clad in slim TVS Eurogrip tires, the scooter emphasizes performance and maneuverability.

Range and Charging
A standout feature is the asserted 110km range on a single charge, pending official confirmation from the company. The 2kWh battery can be fully charged in approximately 4 hours, and a thoughtful inclusion is a portable charger, ensuring practicality for users.

In summary, the E-Luna is poised to establish itself as a lightweight and economically viable electric scooter. Prioritizing simplicity and practicality, it emerges as a compelling choice for riders eager to embrace the future of electric mobility.

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