Revolt RV400 BRZ: A Budget-Friendly Electric Ride Worth Considering?

Revolt Motors has introduced its latest electric motorcycle, the RV400 BRZ, expanding its electric lineup at an attractive starting price of Rs 1.38 lakh (ex-showroom). Bookings are currently open through the official website or Revolt showrooms.

Versatile Riding Modes and Charging
The RV400 BRZ features three distinct riding modes – Sport, Normal, and Eco. Achieving a full charge takes approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes. Interestingly, the RV400 BRZ shares similarities with the RV400 in terms of specifications and design.

Shared Features and Specifications
Powered by a 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery, the RV400 BRZ boasts a claimed range of 150km in Eco mode, 100km in Normal mode, and 80km in Sport mode – aligning with the RV400's performance. Charging times are consistent, requiring 4 hours and 30 minutes for a complete charge and 3 hours for 0-75%. The electric motorcycle comes equipped with a digital dashboard, all-LED lighting, USD fork, and monoshock.

Color Options and Market Competition
Available in five color options, including newly introduced Lunar Green, Pacific Blue, and Dark Silver, the RV400 BRZ faces competition from models like the Oben Rorr and Tork Kratos R, offering a compelling choice in the electric motorcycle segment.

Insights from RattanIndia Enterprises Limited
Mrs. Anjali Rattan, Business Chairperson of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited, expressed, “With the RV400 BRZ, we are offering a ride that seamlessly combines elegance and ease, providing a superb yet affordable motoring experience. Engineered for the modern rider, BRZ is a result of our in-depth study into the needs and preferences of motorcycling enthusiasts.”

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