Can Bajaj Chetak compete with other E-scooters? It's Price, Specifications and Features.

The Bajaj Chetak is an urban electric scooter that meets all requirements due to its good build quality and adequate performance. Still, considering its price range, it's not that high on the feature list. For those looking for a high-quality, no-frills e-scooter, the Bajaj Chetak is an excellent choice overall.

The Urbane variant of Chetak has a fully digital colour LCD instrument cluster, while the TecPac sub-variant of the Premium variant has a 5-inch TFT instrument console and the Standard sub-variant has a monochrome TFT instrument console. 

The Chetak has LED units for its headlight, taillight and indicators. Turn-by-turn navigation and smartphone connectivity are included with the 5-inch TFT instrument console

The brushless DC motor powers the Bajaj Chetak, which can reach a maximum claimed speed of 73 kmph in the Premium, Standard, and TecPac sub-variants, as well as 63 kmph in the Urbane variant's Standard and Tecpac sub-variants.

With an ARAI-certified stated range of 126 km for the Premium variant and 113 km for the Urbane variant, the Urbane variant is powered by a 2.9kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Full charging time for the scooter using a 650W charger is 4 hours and 50 minutes, compared to 4 hours and 50 minutes for the Urbane variant. 

Features like hill-hold assist and an extra ride mode called Sport on top of the Eco mode are exclusive to the TecPac and are available in both the Urbane and Premium variants. While reverse mode is exclusive to TecPac in the Urbane variant, it is available in both sub-variants of the Premium variant. Sequential blinkers are also included with the TecPac in the Premium version. 

Suspension and Brakes
Similar to the Vespa, the scooter's front suspension is one-sided, and its rear suspension is one-sided. The rear of both models has a drum brake, while the front has a drum brake on the Premium variant and a disc brake on the Urbane variant.

Bajaj Chetak is available in four different variants: Bajaj Chetak Premium - Standard, Bajaj Chetak Premium - Tecpac, and Bajaj Chetak Urbane - Standard. The Bajaj Chetak is available in the following five colours: Hazel Nut, Cyber White, Matte Coarse Grey, Brooklyn Black, and Indigo Metallic.

  • The build quality is superb.
  • Provides performance comparable to 110cc petrol-powered scooters with ease.
  • The rider's seat is really cosy.
  • Not enough room for the pillion in the seat.
  • Ride quality at high speeds is a little harsh.
  • Costly compared to what it provides. 

In India, Bajaj Chetak ranges in price from Rs. 1,15,001 to Rs. 1,44,463. The Standard and TecPac sub-variants of the Premium variant are priced at Rs 1,35,463 and Rs 1,44,463, respectively.

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