Exploring the Features of All-New Apache RTR 160.

The TVS Apache RTR 160 is one of the best motorcycles for first-time buyers with less riding experience, and it has served as an introduction into the entry-level performance segment of the Indian market. The 2V has been updated by TVS Motor Company of this entry-level performance motorcycle, and the most recent version has new features and updated styling.

The Apache RTR 160's appearance has changed progressively over time, but its outline is still recognisable. The headlight design of the Apache RTR 160 has been updated with twin LED DRLs and an LED setup. The design of the Apache RTR 160 appears more contemporary, if not futuristic, and it has never looked better.

RTR 160 still has styling cues like a black visor, a body-colored headlight cowl, an engine cowl, a split-style pillion grabrail, a powerful fuel tank with eye-catching graphics and a 3D logo on the shrouds. The package's sportiness is further enhanced by the carbon-fibre texture on the side and rear panels. Both the switchgear and paint quality are excellent. Toggling between the riding modes on the fly is made simple by the easy accessibility of the mode switch.

The 159.7cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine powers the Apache RTR 160. Depending on the ride mode chosen, there are differences in the maximum power and peak torque output. The output torque and power are limited to 12.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm and 13.1 Bhp at 8,000 rpm, respectively, in the Urban and Rain modes.

The motor begins to accelerate smoothly after 4,000 rpm and feels comfortable anywhere above 3,000 rpm. It also develops power admirably, with a diminishing effect occurring beyond 9,000 rpm. The motorcycle can still reach a top speed of 125 kmph on the speedometer, which is significantly faster than the stated 107 kmph in the Sport mode. It can also cruise at 80 kmph at 6,000 rpm.

Feature-wise, the old model's halogen headlight has been replaced with an LED headlight with LED DRL at the front. In addition, there is a slipper clutch, dual-channel ABS, three ride modes (Rain, Urban, and Sport), a fully digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth capability, and an updated user interface. 

RTR 160 has three variations: Drum, Disc, and Disc with Bluetooth. The most recent model of the motorcycle comes in five colors—Gloss Black, Pearl White, Racing Red, Matte Blue, and T-Grey. 

  • Incredibly quick around corners.
  • It has a powerful and smooth engine.
  • Handles rough roads fairly well.
  • Not very attractive.
  • Not as many features as its rivals.

TVS Apache RTR 160 starts at Rs. 1,44,218 for its variant, the Apache RTR 160 RM Drum. The other two variants, the Apache RTR 160 RM Disc and the Apache RTR 160 RM Disc Bluetooth, cost Rs. 1,47,919 and Rs. 1,51,568 respectively. The prices listed for the Apache RTR 160 are for the Delhi on-road price.

Performance-focused and suitable for long-distance travel, the Apache RTR 160 is a fantastic motorcycle for riding in urban areas. It has a lively motor and excellent handling qualities. But as it has aged, the motorcycle has also lost out on features that its rivals have to offer.

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