The Mercedes-Benz EQB SUV have been launched in India⚡

Your space becomes real.
The EQB combines design elements typical of Mercedes EQ with an edgy and characterful expression. With up to seven seats, generous load space and the MBUX multimedia system, you will experience electric driving in a completely new way.
Design your EQB according to your wishes and choose from three different equipment packages. The Advanced Package, Advanced Plus Package and Premium Package build on each other and contain numerous highlights relating to comfort, safety or technology that individualise your EQB as desired.

Easy and convenient charging - at home and on the road.
10 – 80% Charging withing 32 min

The charging time corresponds to a 10-80% full charge using a DC fast charging station with a supply voltage of 400 V, minimum current of 300 A. The charging time may vary depending on various factors, such as ambient and battery temperature and the use of additional auxiliary consumers, e.g. heating.

Intelligent assistant on board: the MBUX multimedia system.

The intuitively adjustable comfort features, a functional space concept and intelligent safety systems in the EQB ensure a high level of electric driving pleasure.

A true space miracle with up to seven seats and flexible load space.

Comfort is a top priority in the EQB: thanks to the functional and flexible space concept with up to seven seats or up to 1,710 litres of load space, the EQB offers room for various transport needs.

Feel the high performance of the EQB thanks to its powerful electric motors and high-voltage lithium-ion battery.

Thanks to full torque from a standstill, the EQB is able to accelerate without hesitation - and thus provides fascinating, electric driving pleasure. The strong performance values also enable special driving dynamics.

The high-voltage lithium-ion battery is the central energy storage unit for the EQB's electric drive and provides a usable energy content of 66 kWh. It is accommodated in several modules in the vehicle floor in a space-saving manner and with a favourable centre of gravity. In addition, there is a protective shield in the front area that can protect the energy storage unit from the penetration of foreign bodies.
Worry-free electric motoring.
Relaxed mobility is ensured by services and warranties that have been specially designed for electric vehicles from Mercedes-EQ. For example, the battery certificate ensures a performance promise of up to eight years, guaranteeing long driving pleasure.

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