Rare Car, Bentley Bentayga Apex Edition?

Based on the Bentayga S, Bentley introduces the Bentayga Apex Edition, a limited-edition vehicle that will only be produced in 20 pieces globally.
Lightweight Design
The Bentayga Apex Edition’s concentration on weight loss is among its most notable characteristics. The Apex Edition weighs about 44 kg less than the ordinary Bentayga S, which improves performance and agility on the road. The adoption of carbon-fibre wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes results in this weight reduction.
Luxurious Interior
Luxury is given top priority inside the Bentayga Apex Edition as soon as you step inside. The centre console and dashboard are decorated with carbon fibre embellishments. The interior is adorned with unique badging that serves as a constant reminder of this limited-edition model’s rarity.

Exquisite Design
The Bentayga Apex Edition features six exquisite liveries chosen by Bentley’s Mulliner team. Bespoke customisation options are also offered for individuals looking for an exceptionally distinctive driving experience. Sleek carbon fibre embellishments on the outside, such as mirror caps, sills, and spoilers, improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic profile even further.

Performance and power
The famed 542-horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 engine of Bentley powers the Bentayga Apex Edition. In approximately 3.5 seconds, the heavier regular Bentayga S can reach 100 kmph. Acceleration times may not be greatly affected by the weight reduction.
Limited Availability
Because there are only 20 Bentayga Apex Editions produced worldwide, it is an extremely rare and sought-after collector’s item. Although the exact cost has not been revealed, it is anticipated that this limited edition vehicle will fetch a higher price than the normal Bentayga S.
In the SUV market, the Bentley Bentayga Apex Edition stands for the height of luxury and performance. Given its superb craftsmanship, lightweight design, and limited production, this car is bound to become the pinnacle of many automotive aficionados across the globe.

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