KGF Gun, Kalashnikov AK-308?

The Kalashnikov AK-308 is a contemporary version of the renowned AK series equipped with the potent 7.62x51mm NATO bullet. Sturdy construction, easy use, and great durability characterise this multipurpose and dependable device. Used widely around the world, it provides efficient firepower for military and police enforcement applications.

The Kalashnikov AK-308 has ergonomic polymer furniture, a folding stock for portability, and a sturdy stamped steel receiver. For dependability in challenging circumstances, it makes use of a long-stroke piston system that runs on gas. Its 20-round magazine and cyclic rate of fire of almost 600 rounds per minute guarantee efficient combat capability.
The 7.62x51mm NATO chambering of the Kalashnikov AK-308 offers exceptional stopping power and range, resulting in a devastating performance. Its effective range is up to 800 meters, and even in challenging conditions, accuracy and dependability are retained. It guarantees continuous firepower in combat situations with a cyclic rate of about 600 rounds per minute.
The modular nature of the Kalashnikov AK-308 makes it possible to add grips and scopes as attachments. It has a dependable rotating bolt system and a gas system that can be adjusted for different circumstances. Its ambidextrous controls make it more user-friendly, and the Picatinny rail allows tactical gear to be attached. The rugged design of the gun guarantees longevity in challenging conditions.
The manual safety lever on the Kalashnikov AK-308 blocks the trigger to avoid unintentional discharges, putting operator safety first. To further improve operating safety and dependability, it also has a bolt hold-open mechanism that lets you know when the rifle is empty and a dust cover that protects internal parts from debris.
  • Strong 7.62x51mm NATO chambering for excellent stopping power.
  • A sturdy and dependable design appropriate for challenging conditions.
  • Accessory customisation is possible with modular features.
  • Controls that are ambidextrous improve usability.
  • Compatible with a large selection of upgrades and aftermarket components.
  • More recoil than rifles with smaller calibre chamberings.
  • Because of the higher calibre, ammo is more expensive and heavier.
  • Compared to certain other rifles, the normal magazine capacity is limited.
  • A longer overall length may be less manoeuvrable in tight spaces.
  • Maintenance can be more involved due to the gas system.
In general, it might be anywhere between Rs. 1,25,075 lakh and Rs. 2,50,150 lakh.


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