Is AEK 971 Military specialised gun?

Russian assault rifles like the AEK-971 are renowned for their balanced performance and recoil control mechanisms. With automatic fire, it provides accuracy and controllability and fires the 5.45x39mm cartridge. Its ergonomic form and dependability make it a preferred choice for a variety of military and law enforcement applications.
With its innovative balanced recoil system, the AEK-971 reduces muzzle climb and improves accuracy when firing continuously. Its compact design maximises barrel length within a shorter overall length by putting the action behind the trigger in a bullpup layout. This arrangement reduces weight and maintains ballistic performance while improving manoeuvrability.
The balanced recoil system of the AEK-971 allows it to perform very well, providing excellent accuracy and controllability. Suitable for a variety of combat situations, its 5.45x39mm calibre ammo offers good penetration and range. It guarantees quick and accurate engagement of targets with a cyclic rate of fire of about 900 rounds per minute.
The AEK-971 is equipped with characteristics including a modular structure for modification, a bullpup design for compactness, and a balanced recoil mechanism for improved accuracy. Ergonomic controls are included, such as ambidextrous selector switches and a cozy pistol grip. It is a versatile weapon platform because of its sturdy design, which guarantees dependability in challenging circumstances.
Several safety features are used by the AEK-971 to guard against unintentional discharge and guarantee user safety. Its trigger guard is next to a manual safety selector that makes operating simple and fast. To further improve safety procedures, it could also have extra safety measures like chamber indications or trigger locks.
There are various variations and derivatives of the AEK-971 assault rifle, such as:
  1. AEK-972: A more maneuverable version designed for close-quarters fighting, including a shorter barrel length.
  2. AEK-973: An enhanced optics and extended barrel version of the designated marksman rifle designed to increase accuracy over long range.
  3. AEK-974: A more contemporary model with improved ergonomics, materials, and maybe modular upgrades for customisation.
  • Accuracy and control are improved by the balanced recoil system.
  • A compact bullpup design that makes it easy to manoeuvre in confined areas.
  • A flexible platform with options for modular customisation.
  • Dependable performance under diverse environmental circumstances.
  • Handling is enhanced by ambidextrous features and ergonomic controls.
  • Limited availability in markets other than Russian law enforcement and military.
  • It might be more expensive than other weapons in its class.
  • Specific training might be necessary to make the best use of its characteristics.
  • Some users may experience ergonomic difficulties with the bullpup layout.
  • Limited support for upgrades and accessories aftermarket.
It usually costs between Rs. 50 lakh and Rs. 83 lakh.

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