Improved, iVOOMi Energy JeetX ZE?

The JeetX ZE scooter is the newest invention from iVOOMi Energy. Especially made to meet the needs of the Indian market. The JeetX ZE is a major improvement over its predecessor, the JeetX, and was engineered in India following an intense 18-month period of research and development. This scooter has been tested for over 100,000 kilometres, so performance and dependability are guaranteed.

Key features include:
  • Distance to Empty: Gives current information about the amount of range that is left.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation: Makes sure you get to your location without any problems.
  • Alerts: Get SMS and call alerts right on the dashboard of your scooter.
  • Geo-fencing: For increased safety, guardians can keep an eye on and regulate driving distances. 

Price and Booking
The JeetX ZE is priced at just Rs 79,999 and comes in three different configurations, each with a battery pack that can hold between 2.1 and 3 kWh. Eight premium colours are available for customers to customise their vehicles with. Reservations for the JeetX ZE will open on May 10.
Dimensions and Features
With a wheelbase of 1350 mm, the JeetX ZE provides outstanding stability in a range of road conditions. Its roomy 770mm high and 760mm long seat redefine comfort in its class. It is the perfect vehicle for weekend trips or regular commuting because of its increased trunk capacity and legroom. Safety is the top priority, and the JeetX ZE stands out from the competition thanks to its seven layers of safety. Additionally, a user-friendly Bluetooth app is included with the scooter.
Battery, Range, and Charging
With its remarkable 170 kilometres of range on a single charge, the JeetX ZE, powered by a proprietary Gen 3 battery pack made in India, guarantees that riders can go above and beyond with confidence. The small, detachable battery pack, which weighs just 12 kg, further guarantees simplicity and easy handling. The portable charger makes charging easy, weighing only 826 grammes, so users can power their scooters whenever and wherever they choose.
Assuring client satisfaction and peace of mind, iVOOMi establishes a new benchmark for after-sales care with a 5-year warranty on the chassis, battery, and paint. The scooter’s robustness and dependability are further highlighted by its IP67-rated battery and impact-resistant body sections.

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