The Deadly Machine gun: RPD Light

The RPD light machine gun, created in the Soviet Union, is renowned for its dependability and ease of use. Designed in 1944, it uses the 7.62x39mm cartridge and is distinguished by its drum magazine that is positioned on top. It was widely deployed in several nations during the Cold War and is still in use in many conflicts across the globe.
The RPD has an air-cooled, gas-operated design with a revolving bolt. It can shoot up to 800 metres with an effective range of 650–750 rounds per minute. Holding 100 rounds, it has a unique drum magazine installed on top. The gun incorporates a folding bipod for stability and weighs about 16.5 pounds.
The RPD is preferred for its dependability and user-friendliness, offering dependable performance under a range of circumstances. It can suppress enemy positions and provide continuous fire support in combat settings because of its effective range of up to 800 metres and its sustained rate of fire of 650–750 rounds per minute.
The RPD is distinguished by its lightweight, mobile, and sturdy design. Its top-mounted drum magazine, which can contain 100 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo, allows it to fire continuously. It has a revolving bolt system and dependable gas-operated action, providing steady performance in combat scenarios. It also has a folding bipod for added stability.
Several safety mechanisms are built into the RPD to guard against unintentional discharges and guarantee user safety. These consist of a bolt catch mechanism to hold the bolt in position and a manual safety selector on the left side of the receiver that can be engaged to stop the trigger from being pulled.
The following are a few RPD machine gun variations and related designs: RPK (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova): An automatic rifle designed for squad use, based on the RPD, Type 56 Is an RPD variation made in China; an RPD model manufactured in Yugoslavia, M72; a Polish-modernised RPD, known as UKM-2000; and an RPD version made in Sudan, M87.
  • Strong and dependable design.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • A drum magazine that holds 100 rounds and allows for sustained shooting.
  • A maximum effective range of 800 meters.
  • Transportable and adaptable to a range of fighting situations.
  • Compared to some of its contemporary counterparts, it is heavy.
  • Magazine capacity is smaller than with belt-fed machine guns.
  • Drum magazines have a tendency to jam and can be heavy.
  • A moderate fire rate in comparison to certain modern weapons.
  • With extended use, it may overheat.

In the civilian market, the cost of a functioning RPD can often range from Rs. 58 lakh to Rs. 83 lakh.

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