First Dual Suspension E-bike in India, EMotorad EMX+?

The EMotorad EMX+ extends your cruising experience by its modes and battery that allows you to double the adventures with its double suspension. Take it easy. You should believe it. Enjoy it. Optional features include mudguards, an integrated horn, and a high beam front light.

Design and Specifications
It features a robust and elegant High Tensile Steel frame with seven-speed Shimano TY300 gears. It is appropriate for riders between the heights of 5.4 and 6 feet and can support up to 110 kg of weight. The tyres on it are 29" x 2.4." The product is covered for five years under warranty

Battery and Performance
A powerful 250W rear hub motor for dynamic riding on all terrains and a removable 13Ah battery that can be recharged up to 80% in 2.5 hours anywhere. A substantial range of roughly 70 km is provided by 5 Level Pedal Assistance and an 80% reduction in physical effort. 

Brilliant Colour LCD Screen
The 4.5-inch Smart Colour LCD display provides all riding information, including a USB connector for charging accessories like cell phones, and allows for five mode shifts, including Mechanical, Pedal Assist, Cruise, and Throttle modes.

First Dual Suspension in India
The EMX Plus has India's first dual suspension, with a 100 mm of travel on the front suspension with lockout and 10 to 20 mm of travel on the rear suspension that is adjustable which ensures a flawless ride over all types of terrain, including potholes.  

Steady and secure riding at a speed of 25 km/h, with the ignition key to turn on the lights, Disc brakes with precise control, a 21-speed Altus derailleur, and an MTB frame made of aluminium alloy 6061. 

What you get when you buy? 
  1. Electric Cycle
  2. Battery
  3. Charger
  4. Tool Kit

Price and Overall
The EMotorad EMX+ is priced at Rs. 64,999. Consumers enjoy the bicycle's appearance, value, comfort, and versatility. For instance, they say that riding it for commuting is a pleasure, that the electric motor makes riding easy and fun, and that the cost is unquestionably justified. The colour and design of the frames also make an impression on the customers.

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