Accurate, FN Five-Seven?

The semiautomatic FN Five-Seven handgun is intended for use by law enforcement and the armed forces. It is helpful in scenarios where more protection is required because it fires a unique kind of bullet that can penetrate some body armor. In contrast to numerous handguns owned by people, the FN Five-Seven is a rare weapon that is provided to armed forces by governments.
A lightweight handgun with a large magazine is the FN Five-Seven. It uses a special small-but-powerful bullet that makes handling and ammo availability more convenient. The pistol is primarily composed of sturdy plastic to maintain its weight, and it is fashioned to be easily handled by either hand.
Its unique ammunition may penetrate some body armour and fly quickly. Because of its plastic construction, it is very light and can contain 20 rounds. This handgun has less recoil than some other potent alternatives, but it discharges swiftly, one shot at a time.
The lightweight, semi-auto FN Five-seven pistol is well-known for its unusual ammunition and large magazine (20 rounds!). More shots and easier control are possible with this compact but effective ammo. The pistol’s ambidextrous controls allow both left- and right-handed shooters to operate it with pleasure. It is mostly constructed of sturdy plastic to keep it lightweight.
Using a two-pronged strategy, the FN Five-seven places safety first. First, for left- or right-handed users, the manual safety switch is conveniently located on both sides of the frame. When engaged, this switch completely stops the trigger. Second, if there isn’t a magazine inserted, a magazine safety keeps the rifle from firing. Always handle all weapons carefully, especially when they have safety features engaged.
  • Lightweight and high capacity (20 rounds!)
  • Strong and Easy to Handle
  • Dual-handed controls for both hands
  • Magazine and manual safety
  • Pricey guns and ammunition
  • Uncommon for civilians (mainly military/LE)
  • Single-action trigger (heavy pull compared to some).

Five-seven tactical, five-seven IOM (individual officer model), five-seven USG, five-seven MK2, and five-seven ODG. 

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