Yamaha presents the AEROX 155 Version S, featuring Smart Key Technology.

The Yamaha AEROX 155 Version S, the newest model by Yamaha, has been revealed. It includes a smart key that makes using a regular key easier. Furthermore, the immobilizer function adds extra security by guarding against theft or unauthorized entry.

A single dual-purpose LED unit that can emit both low and high beams powers the new headlamp design. The LED headlight has a more dynamic and elegant appearance while offering outstanding visibility over a large range with very little unevenness. 

Both the rider and the pillion rider may enjoy a stable and pleasant ride thanks to the two-level seat. The enormous 24.5-litre under-seat storage is the first of its type in this category. For improved traction, a rear 140/70-14M/C 62P tubeless tyre with flexible side walls has been used.

Smart Key Technology
The AEROX 155 Version S’s Smart Key technology, which improves ease and security, is one of its best features. Riders can now easily start their scooters without manually inserting keys thanks to the keyless ignition technology, which uses proximity detection. In addition, the Smart Key has an answer-back feature that makes it simple for users to find their scooter in congested spaces.
With Variable Valve Actuation (VVA), a new generation 155cc Blue Core engine generates 15 PS at 8000 rpm of power. It boasts a 48.62 km/l stated mileage and a 5.5-litre fuel tank. Both performance and fuel efficiency are outstanding with the AEROX 155 Version S. 

The Traction Control System (TCS) improves control and stability, guaranteeing a thrilling and smooth ride. In addition, features like a danger system and on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) enhance the scooter’s overall convenience and safety.
The AEROX 155 Version S comes in two eye-catching colorways, silver and racing blue, and is only available at Blue Square stores.

Yamaha’s Commitment to Innovation
The chairman of the Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies, Mr. Eishin Chihana, highlighted Yamaha’s commitment to both innovation and client pleasure. He cited the AEROX 155 Version S’s incorporation of Smart Key technology as a critical turning point in Yamaha’s continuous pursuit of improving the rider experience.

Yamaha is pushing the limits of performance and innovation in the scooter market with the release of the AEROX 155 Version S. Yamaha has produced a scooter that not only meets but also goes beyond the expectations of contemporary riders by fusing cutting-edge technology with chic design features.

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