VPN not working after the latest Windows 11 update? Here’s how to fix it

Microsoft has acknowledged that VPN connections are being disrupted by the Windows 11 upgrade starting in April 2024. VPN connections backed by TPM certificates are not functioning as a result of the April 9 security update (KB5036893 and KB5036892) that was implemented for all Windows 11 and Windows 10 users.

The tech giant stated that “Windows devices might face VPN connection failures after installing the April 2024 security update or the April 2024 non-security preview update,” but it did not identify the underlying cause of the problem. It did, however, add that the developers are “working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.”

Users of PCs running Windows 11 version 24H2, Windows 11 22H2, Windows 11 21H2, Windows 10 22H2, and Windows 10 21H2 appear to be experiencing problems with the latest upgrade. This is not the first time a security update has caused problems for VPN users using Windows. VPN slowdowns were allegedly brought on by the KB5025305 update in April of last year.
Many Windows users report receiving error number 0x80070520 while attempting to change their account profile image, suggesting that the KB5036893 update is also blocking this feature from working. Although Microsoft has not yet released a cure, it appears that the problem can be resolved by uninstalling the aforementioned update. But because the tech giant distributes all security upgrades in one package, it may increase the attack surface of your machine.

Press the Start button and type “Settings” to remove the update. Select “Windows Update” from the menu that displays, then look for and select the “Update history” option. This is where the list of installed updates appears. Locate and remove the KB5036893 update if you are using Windows 11. On Windows 10, users will need to locate and remove the KB5036892 update, though.

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