Upgraded Assault Rifle, AK-74M?

Russia produced the AK-74M, which is an upgraded variant of the AK-74. It has a side-folding polymer stock, enhanced ergonomics, and a 5.45x39mm caliber. Its robust build and dependable functionality make it a standard-issue rifle for many armed forces, and its simplicity and potency continue to make it well-liked.
The stamped steel receiver of the AK-74M has a reinforced ribbed pattern for added durability. Reliable cycling is ensured by its rotating bolt mechanism that runs on gas. It has a side-folding polymer stock, adjustable iron sights, and a 16.3-inch barrel with a muzzle brake. The rifle has a cyclic rate of about 600 rounds per minute and weighs about 3.4 kg.
With its 5.45x39mm ammunition, the AK-74M has an effective range of up to 500 metres and offers good accuracy and stopping power. Reliability in a range of situations is guaranteed by its sturdy structure and gas system. It can fire continuously and still remain under control because of its cyclic rate of about 600 rounds per minute.
The AK-74M blends contemporary characteristics, such as a side-folding polymer stock for compactness when travelling, with toughness. Its stopping power and effective range are provided by the 5.45x39mm caliber. Versatility is increased by its accessory mounting possibilities and adjustable iron sights. The rifle is a popular option for military and law enforcement applications because of its straightforward design, which makes maintenance and operation simple. Additionally, its gas-operated system guarantees dependability.
Standard safety measures on the AK-74M include a revolving safety selector lever with three positions—safe, semi-automatic, and fully automatic—that are positioned on the receiver’s right side. This design ensures user safety during operation by preventing inadvertent discharges and enabling speedy transitions between firing modes.
There are multiple AK-74M platform versions designed for different tasks and tastes. These meet a variety of operational needs; they include the AKS-74M with its side-folding stock for improved agility, the AK-74M1 with its rail interface system for attaching accessories, and the AK-74MR with its reduced barrel for close-quarters fighting.
  • Sturdy and trustworthy design that works well in challenging conditions.
  • Good stopping power and range are provided by the 5.45x39mm caliber.
  • Easy to use and maintain, even for those with little experience.
  • A flexible platform with a range of potential customisation choices and variants.
  • Recoil is moderate in comparison to certain contemporary guns.
  • There are limited possibilities for mounting accessories without making extra changes.
  • Some users may not find iron sights to be the best option.
  • It is denser than certain modern assault rifle models.
For a basic model, prices typically vary from Rs. 66,696 to Rs. 1,25,055 lakh.

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