Semi-automatic Shotgun, Franchi Law 12?

Semi-automatic shotguns like the Franchi Law 12 are renowned for their dependability and adaptability. It is chambered in 12 gauge and has a tubular magazine that normally holds up to 7 shots. Its sturdy design and seamless operation make it a popular choice for self-defence, hunting, and recreational activities.
With a synthetic or hardwood stock and forend, the Franchi Law 12 shotgun has an elegant and comfortable design. Smooth cycling and less recoil are guaranteed by its gas-operated mechanism. Its vented rib barrel enhances accuracy, and its interchangeable choke tubes allow for customised shot patterns, further increasing its flexibility.
Reliable and long-lasting, the Franchi Law 12 shotgun is known for its outstanding performance. Its gas-operated mechanism ensures rapid follow-up rounds with smooth cycling and minimal recoil. Its removable choke tubes and capacity to handle a range of loads provide reliable accuracy and adaptability for hunting, target practice, and self-defence.
With a tubular magazine that can store up to seven rounds, the Franchi Law 12 shotgun is packed with features. It has an ergonomic design, a vented rib barrel for improved accuracy, and a choice of synthetic or hardwood stocks. Because of its gas-operated action, which guarantees smooth cycling and minimal recoil, it is versatile for a range of shooting situations.
A cross-bolt safety, which is easily accessible for both right- and left-handed shooters, is one of the features that elevates the Franchi Law 12 shotgun’s emphasis on safety. To provide extra security during loading and unloading operations and guarantee safe handling at all times, it frequently has a manual bolt hold-open button.
Shotgun versions of Franchi Law 12 include:
  1. Franchi SPAS-12: A hybrid pump-action/semi-automatic shotgun featuring an eye-catching folding stock.
  2. Franchi SAS-12: A less complicated variant of the SPAS-12 with a fixed stock that isn’t bent.
  3. Franchi LAW-12: This original model is renowned for its dependability and adaptability to a wide range of shooting situations.
  • Sturdy and dependable construction.
  • Recoil is decreased by a smooth gas-operated action.
  • Adaptable for self-defence, sport shooting, and hunting.
  • Customisable shot patterns are possible with interchangeable choke tubes.
  • An ergonomic design with options for hardwood or synthetic stocks.
  • The magazine capacity is somewhat smaller than that of similar contemporary shotguns.
  • It might weigh more than some rivals.
  • A few users have mentioned that some ammo kinds occasionally cause feeding problems.
Typically, the price range for a new or used Franchi Law 12 shotgun is between Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 12.5 lakh.

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