Is Colt Canada C7CT used by Military for Terrorists?

A contemporary assault rifle version built on the well-known C7 chassis is the Colt Canada C7CT. Because of its modular design, it can be customized to meet different mission needs. Its enhanced ergonomics, dependability, and precision make it the preferred choice of law enforcement and military organisations because of its adaptability and effectiveness in combat scenarios.
The gas-operated, rotating bolt system of the Colt Canada C7CT assault rifle ensures dependable semi-automatic or fully automatic firing modes. Modern materials like aluminium and polymer are used in their lightweight construction to minimise weight without sacrificing strength. The rifle’s modular construction makes it simple to install optics, suppressors, and attachments for increased field mobility.
With an effective range of up to 600 metres and a fire rate of about 750 rounds per minute, the Colt Canada C7CT performs incredibly well. Due to its outstanding accuracy even under difficult circumstances, which comes from its exact engineering and ergonomic design, it is the weapon of choice for military and law enforcement activities around the globe.
The Colt Canada C7CT assault rifle has ambidextrous controls for adaptability, a collapsible stock for improved movement, and a Picatinny rail system for simple accessory connection. Its incorporated flash suppressor lowers muzzle flash, improving stealth in tactical conditions, and its modular design facilitates rapid modification.
The Colt Canada C7CT assault rifle places a high priority on safety thanks to its sturdy construction and numerous safety features. Trigger safety, bolt catch/release system, and manual safety selector switch are a few of these. Internal safety mechanisms on the rifle also guard against unintentional discharge, protecting both the user and anyone around them.
  • Customisation is possible with a modular design.
  • Excellent precision and dependability under diverse circumstances.
  • Improved mobility due to the lightweight structure.
  • Versatile controls that are ambidextrous.
  • An integrated Picatinny rail mechanism for attaching accessories.
  • Only accessible to markets for civilian products.
  • Expensive in comparison to certain substitutes.
  • Potentially complicated upkeep needs.
It is priced around Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh.

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