Is Type 96 most used weapon?

One of the most dependable and adaptable Japanese weapons from World War II is the Type 96 Light Machine Gun. It had a 6.5-mm chamber and could fire up to 800 metres at a rate of 550 rounds per minute. It was in use until the end of the war, and its design had an impact on later Japanese weaponry.
The Type 96 Light Machine Gun was equipped with a top-mounted, detachable box magazine that could contain thirty rounds of 6.5x50mm ammunition. It was powered by gas. It featured a unique perforated barrel shroud for cooling as well as a bipod for stability. The weapon was 9.9 kg in weight and had a 21.7-inch barrel.
Critics praised the Type 96 Light Machine Gun for its accuracy and dependability. It could fire at a rate of about 550 rounds per minute and had an effective range of up to 800 meters. Despite having less firepower than some of its peers, its lightweight construction and agility make it an invaluable tool in a variety of combat scenarios.
The Type 96 Light Machine Gun was equipped with an easy-to-reload box magazine, a folding bipod for stability, and a quick-change barrel system for continuous fire. Its gas-operated action guaranteed dependable performance, and the barrel shroud helped dissipate heat during extended engagements, improving overall performance.
Several safety mechanisms were built into the Type 96 light machine gun to guard against unintentional discharges and guarantee user safety. These included built-in systems to stop the weapon from firing when the battery ran out, as well as a manual safety lever that was usually placed close to the trigger and could be engaged to prevent firing.
  • It is renowned for its consistent performance under a range of circumstances.
  • Because of its controlled weight, it is manoeuvrable in combat.
  • With the ability to fire precisely up to 800 metres away.
  • Enables continuous shooting during prolonged combat.
  • A magazine with a capacity of 30 bullets might not be enough in some circumstances.
  • 6.5mm cartridge, which is less potent than modern rounds.
  • Long-term fire, even with the shroud, may cause overheating and decreased accuracy.
  • Some competitors may be able to shoot at a faster pace than the current one, which is 550 rounds per minute.
It has a price range of Rs. 9.6 lakh to Rs. 16.6 lakh.

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