6 ways Microsoft’s Copilot AI can help

Microsoft Edge, Office applications, and Windows 11 all come pre-installed with Microsoft’s new Copilot AI assistant. This helpful AI assistant is capable of handling a wide range of jobs, including image creation, coding, and creative writing. Let’s look at six awesome things that Copilot can do.
Generate all kinds of text content.
Generating written content in response to your prompts and directions is one of Copilot’s primary functions. Simply put out what you need, and Copilot will create some text for you to work with—whether it’s a brief bio for a website, a draft of a blog post, or assistance rewording an email. While other chatbots can also accomplish this, Copilot stands out for having customisable tones that are either exact, balanced, or imaginative.
Document assistance. 
Its ability to summarise long documents and reports is one of its hidden talents. You can ask Copilot to extract certain data points, rewrite in your own language and style, or even rephrase summaries for different audiences if you’d like to get as specific as you can. Summarising files up to 1MB is possible with the free version; however, 10MB file restrictions and more premium capabilities are unlocked when you upgrade to Copilot Pro.

Get coding assistance.
Copilot is an extremely developer-friendly AI, especially when it comes to coding duties. It can be asked to construct functions, interpret code into other programming languages, or even explain code faults. For instance, if you instruct it to “Write a Python script to fetch and print the latest GitHub activity for a user,” it will produce a multi-line script that is completely functional and includes comments. Just don’t count on it to write the full application’s code. Consider it more of a helper that can write code for your programme’s smaller modules.

Generate, edit, and remix images.
Copilot’s connection with the Dall-E model enables it to produce beautiful AI-generated visuals in response to text requests. Copilot will provide you with four amusing picture possibilities based on your description, such as “A magical forest woodland scene with glowing mushrooms and fantasy creatures, digital art style.” Afterwards, you can use the Designer tool to add or remove elements to make changes and adjustments. The really cool thing is that Copilot allows you to make remixed variations by analyzing your own photographs that you upload.

Ask questions and get web-sourced answers.
Copilot searches the internet for answers to your queries in addition to producing content. This is due to the fact that it is web-connected and can provide you with real-time responses based on current affairs. Asking it questions like “How do I see the upcoming total solar eclipse?” will allow you to get really pertinent responses.

Plan travel itineraries.
Surprisingly, Copilot is a good travel companion. If you use a prompt such as “I’m going to Hong Kong in August for five days,” Make an agenda that combines the main attractions, giving priority to places that are walkable. Copilot will search the internet to choose the locations you’ll adore and will prepare exactly what you request.

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