Best Retro Car, Alpine A110?

The Alpine A110 is a swift and precise, well-designed, lightweight sports vehicle. Its modern-day, retro-inspired design embraces technology while arousing nostalgia. Its quick handling and well-balanced chassis, along with its driving pleasure focus, make it a favourite among enthusiasts forspirited driving on twisty roads.
The Alpine A110 has an eye-catching appearance with sculpted curves and flowing lines that are evocative of vintage sports vehicles. Its aerodynamic shape includes a unique rear end with LED taillights and a low-slung appearance. The understated style highlights performance and agility while enhancing its classic charm.

The cabin of the Alpine A110 combines contemporary elegance with driver-focused design. Its sleek, minimalist cockpit radiates elegance and luxury with premium materials like leather and metal accents. Encouraging bucket seats, a multipurpose steering wheel, and user-friendly controls provide a meaningful and engaging driving experience.
Engine and Gearbox
The 1.8-litre turbocharged inline-four engine that generates 400 horsepower positioned in the middle of the Alpine A110 delivers remarkable performance. When paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, it guarantees accurate and quick shifts in gear. With this configuration, driving pleasures are maximized. 
The small weight and well-balanced chassis of the Alpine A110 enable it to perform superbly. It has a strong engine and a well-to-do gearbox that allow it to accelerate quickly—roughly 4.5 seconds from 0 to 96 kmph. On any road, its precision handling and quick response time guarantee an enjoyable driving experience.
Numerous features are available on the Alpine A110 to improve comfort, convenience, and safety. These consist of a smartphone integration feature, luxury music, and a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation. For added peace of mind, it also has LED headlights, automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control, and a full complement of driver aid technologies.
The innovative features of the Alpine A110 prioritize safety to safeguard its occupants. In addition to several airbags and stability control systems, it boasts an aluminum chassis that has been reinforced for structural integrity. In order to help prevent accidents and lessen their impacts, it also has systems like automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning.
Suspension and brakes
The front and rear double wishbone suspension systems of the Alpine A110 offer outstanding cornering stability and agility. Its lightweight design facilitates precise control and agile handling. With vented disc brakes and other high-performance braking components, it provides remarkable stopping power and braking performance that inspires confidence.
The Alpine A110 comes in a range of elegant colour variations, including: Abyss Blue, Thunder Grey, Mercury Silver, Noir Profond, Blanc Irisé, Bleu Alpine, and Jaune Tournesol.
  • Excellent handling and agility, suitable for spirited driving.
  • Eye-catching external design with a combination of retro and modern components.
  • A lightweight structure improves both performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Well-appointed cabin with high-quality materials and a driver-centric design.
  • Limited cargo space owing to the compact design.
  • Some people may find the firm ride quality too harsh.
  • Limited availability as compared to popular sports cars.
  • Higher price point than several competitors in its segment.
For the base model, it typically falls between Rs. 80 lakh and Rs. 90 lakh.

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