Can Force Gurkha Stage a Comeback with 3-Door and 5-Door Models?

Force Motors has hinted at the return of its Gurkha range, promising both the 3-door and 5-door models. The reintroduction of these variants follows the discontinuation of the 3-door model due to BS6 Phase II regulations in April 2023. The brand is gearing up to unveil these revamped models in the coming weeks, sparking anticipation among enthusiasts.

Design Distinctions with Common Threads:
The Gurkha 3-door and 5-door iterations will share design elements while incorporating unique touches. The teaser suggests a focus on the larger 5-door model, hinting at distinctive design features. However, both versions are expected to house the acclaimed Mercedes-sourced 2.6-litre diesel engine, promising a blend of power and efficiency.

Exterior Insights:
The teaser offers glimpses of the iconic circular headlamps and a distinct two-slat grille adorned with the Gurkha emblem, maintaining the vehicle's rugged yet sophisticated appeal. Notably, the 5-door variant showcases a longer wheelbase to accommodate rear doors and introduces new alloy wheels, enhancing its overall stance.

Interior Configurations:
Inside, the Gurkha 3-door and 5-door models will cater to different seating needs. The 3-door variant is likely to stick to its traditional four-seater layout, while the 5-door version may offer versatile seating arrangements, including options for five, six, or seven seats, catering to varied passenger requirements.

Consistency in Performance:
Both iterations are expected to retain the robust Mercedes-sourced 2.6-litre diesel engine coupled with a reliable 5-speed manual transmission, ensuring a consistent and engaging driving experience across the lineup.

Anticipated Launch and Competitive Positioning:
Force Motors aims to launch the Gurkha 3-door and 5-door models in India shortly, positioning them to compete head-to-head with rivals like the Mahindra Thar and the upcoming Thar 5-door variant. While pricing details await confirmation, the 3-door variant is projected to carry a slight premium compared to its previous model, while the 5-door variant might command a higher price point, offering enhanced features and versatility.

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