Sony PS5 Pro might launch later this year, expected to get a massive speed upgrade

Since its release in 2021, the PlayStation 5 has experienced a severe shortage of the device during the first two years of its existence. Rumors about the Pro model started to circulate not long after the PS5 shortage was said to be over. According to some early rumours, the PS5 Pro would have liquid cooling, providing high-end PCs with fierce competition. There have also been rumours of a significant performance boost for the PS5 Pro.
Furthermore, according to recent sources, the PlayStation 5 Pro could launch this year. In addition, the console should see a major speed improvement, as it is anticipated to be three times quicker than the PS5 base model.

According to a claim in The Verge, Sony is developing a Playstation 5 Pro model that will reportedly have a GPU that is up to three times quicker than the PS5's current model for certain workloads. The YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead claims to have obtained a PS5 Pro technical document known as Trinity. However, Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming stated that the system will probably be released this year around the holidays and that the rumored specs are accurate.

Purported pictures from the previously mentioned technical document show specs like 33.5 teraflops of single-precision computing or 67 teraflops of 16-bit floating-point operations. This results in a rendering performance increase of 45% over the PS5 base model. Despite the fact that architectural variations make teraflop-only comparisons difficult, the anticipated upgrade may mark a substantial improvement in performance.

There are also rumours that suggest switching from an AMD Radeon RX 6700 to something more like the Radeon RX 7800 XT, which should mean better performance for ray-traced games. The ray tracing performance of the PS5 Pro may be tripled, and in some circumstances, possibly quadrupled.
More information points to features including a detachable disc drive, a CPU similar to the original PS5 but with a "High CPU Frequency Mode" for a possible 10% performance bump, upgraded audio hardware for greater effects processing, and increased system memory bandwidth at 576 GB/s.

In addition, PSSR—which is suspected to use machine learning for image upscaling, akin to Nvidia's DLSS or AMD's FSR—is mentioned in the stolen documents. With the anticipated PS5 Pro hardware, this approach might make it easier to upscale to 8K images and improve ray tracing speed.

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