OnePlus AI new Eraser Tool

With the release of its new “AI Eraser” feature, OnePlus is the most recent smartphone manufacturer to join the AI picture editing trend. With only a few taps, AI Eraser, which is powered by the company’s “proprietary large language model,” allows you to easily remove unwanted things from your images. The OnePlus 12, 12R, 11, Open, and Nord CE 4 are among the OnePlus devices for which the feature is expected to be released at some point in April. It's unclear how it will be obtained—via the Photos app or through a system upgrade.

AI Eraser allows you to highlight objects in an image that you wish deleted, such as random people walking down the street or rubbish lying on the ground, once you activate the option in the Gallery. After that, OnePlus’ AI model looks at the chosen location and automatically creates a new wallpaper. The updated area is intended to maintain the general look and feel of the image while blending in smoothly with the rest of it.

According to OnePlus, its in-house big language model has the intelligence to comprehend complicated scenes because it was trained on a sizable dataset. According to the theory, AI Eraser’s visual intelligence enables it to replace missing objects in context in a way that improves rather than decreases the quality of the image.

“The outcome of OnePlus’s significant research and development effort, which was made with the goal of guaranteeing the dependability and correctness of AI-generated content, is AI Eraser,” the company claims. With this move, OnePlus will provide AI-powered picture editing apps, joining the ranks of companies like Google and Samsung. Similar functions are provided by Samsung’s Galaxy AI and Google’s Magic Eraser on Pixel phones and through a Google One subscription.

OnePlus used the term “OnePlus AI” in their press release to imply that more features are forthcoming. With this new eraser function, the firm appears to be taking a step in the right direction, joining the majority of other smartphone makers who are rushing to include artificial intelligence in their software

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